Traxion Arcade Shoooter out on iOS and Mac

A press release for a physics arcade shooter game called Traxion published by Game Foundation and created by Blue Chip landed in our in box this morning. Consumers can play Traxion on their iPhones, iPads or on the old fashioned Mac computer for $1.99. Who would call a Mac computer old fashioned?

In Traxion you play the role of a starship pilot who must navigate space vessel through the caves of dangerous alien planets to hunt for crystals hidden. Once you find a crystal you collect it with the space vessel’s tractor beam while avoiding evil aliens and enemy patrol ships.

You have to use what we call a smart touch when powering and directing the ship thanks to the gravity mechanic affecting every part of the game. You navigate touching the screen so if you keep you finger on the screen for too long you rick crashing and damaging your ship and its cargo. You will encounter obstacles like switches, explosive charges, forcefields and alien technology designed to retard your progress.

iOS: Traxion Game Download
Mac: Traxion Game Download

If you like classic space arcade games with some physics/gravity thrown in you will enjoy Traxion.

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