Roar Rampage Game Out on iOS Feb 7th

What happens when you piss off a giant pastel green giant horned dinosaur wearing a punching glove in a 2D world? A game called Roar Rampage happens. Neutronix and FDG Entertainment partnered to release Rage Dinosaur, a side scrolling 2D destruction game on the iOS platform priced at $0.99 on February 7th.

Originally released in a flash version on the Neutronix web site, consumers direct Dino the Dinosaur to destroy buildings and ruin mankind’s ever so beautiful world. Roar Rampage offers fairly simple straight forward destructive game play as you move Dino from left to right on the screen. You make his fist punch buildings, annihilate helicopters and cause general mayhem. You control Dino’s fist but touching and moving the screen. The controls on the iOS version work much better than the PC Flash version.

We aren’t sure the game play justifies the $0.99 but anyone who enjoys playing destructive themed games will enjoy Roar Rampage although it doesn’t require must in the way of brain power to advance to each successive level.

Funny Interview with the Dinosaur: Why are you so Angry?

Dino: I received ineffective parenting from the time I was born until I became a young adolescent. Do you meditate or practice yoga?

Dino: Who do you think taught humans meditation and yoga? There’s no evidence humans and dinosaurs roamed earth at the same time.

Dino: Evidence? How about this interview between an alleged human named Harry Balls and me Dino the Dinosaur. Evidence? How about the game Roar Rampage starring me, Dino, busting loose reshaping the human built landscape while clearing the skies of non natural flying objects like helicopters. Ok. Ok. Relax Francis.

Dino: Don’t call me Francis. Didn’t you see me swing things like a giant ball and chain as well as a train in Roaming Rampage. I take down, I mean, reshape whole buildings. Numerous helicopters are now in pieces thanks to me. You may want to watch your words. Do you stretch your body to minimize injuries before affecting change in these cities?

Dino: I stretch as much as an NFL offensive tackle does before a game. I also wear a boxing glove on my hand to soften the blow on my “targets”. That’s all I have time for. If you want to learn more buy Roaming Rampage from iTunes on Thursday February 7th.

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