Grudger Running Platform Game Out On Android

How noble are your muffins? We had to ask because we came across a fun running style platform game called Grudger created by a game studio going by the name Noble Muffins which is a collaboration between developers Toby Grierson, Jack Dog and team philosopher Adamus Forestus. What does a team philosopher do?

Android device owners can buy Grudger today for $3.00 from Google Play. Grudger will debut on the iOS platform shortly.

The game’s star Grudger delivers packages for a living and he could care less about the contents of the package but focuses more on payment for his services upon successful delivery. He works in a dangerous steam punk world with folks possessing questionable values who rely on his uncanny acrobatic package delivery service. Grudge jumps walks and runs his way through the pathways.

We think Grudger offers a unique twist on the standard running platform game. Sometimes he moves from left to right and in reverse in the same level. He bounces off walls, grabs hanging pipes and ducks under some obstacles. Its a fun game well worth the $3.00 price.

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