The Worms are coming! The Worms are coming!

Endless running style games seem to be the game mechanic of the month as evidenced with the release of the fun WormRun from New York City based Indie game developer Golden Ruby games. Gamers can play WormRun for $0.99, with in app purchases on their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

Worm Run iPhone Game Download
Worm Run iPad Game Download

WormRun offers a 2D endless running style of game where Zeke Tallahassee, the space mining main character tears away from a rather large worm through an underground labyrinth almost as fast as the US Congress runs away from doing their jobs. You control Zeke’s movements by constantly swiping your device rather than using a simulated game controller arrow. The giant worm will chomp Zeke up if you stop swiping the keyboard or if Zeke gets stuck in a corner.

The levels are procedurally generated which means you see a slightly different path each time you start a level. You can use both hands to play which allows you to respond more quickly to the twists, turns and obstacles like beds of fire and more crannies than an English muffin.

You earn grubies, the game’s currency, to buy items like bombs, spring shoes, magnets, game, ancient helmets, suits, shrouded masks and Expensive Warp Tunnels. You can buy more grubies through the app in purchase process which will enable you to potentially advance more quickly. Like Temple Run your goal is to make Zeke travel as far as possible before the worm’s jaws of death crush him.

WormRun offers a fun twist on the Temple endless running style game.

Worm Run iPhone Game Download
Worm Run iPad Game Download

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