Who Upgraded The Zombies? Crazy Bill Did.

Spain based Ivanovich Games released Crazy Bill, a new free ad supported action arcade game employing retro visuals, offering non stop action and features Zombie Celebrity lookalikes who do more than just moan while stumbling around the screen. Consumers can play Crazy Bill on their iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices. An Android version of Crazy Bill may popup in the future.

Crazy Bill iOS Game Download

The game stars Crazy Bill, who climbs the stairs of the Zombie Star Palace, which comes filled with Celebrity Zombie look-a-likes. Ivanovich Games designed Crazy Bill with extremely simple control: you tap on the green button in the lower left corner of the screen to jump and tap on the lower right corner button to shoot. Once the game begins Crazy Bill keeps moving unless he dies. Unfortunately he died a lot on us. He jumps higher when you double tap the jump button which can help you earn many power ups like health packs, temporary weapon upgrades and keys to operate elevators which can hasten your journey up the palace floors.

Each level starts with a green tinted closed circuit camera presenting the image of a zombie star accompanies by text that says Zombie star located in a certain floor number. The game begins when Crazy Bill explodes through the palace door entrance and races across the first floor to the stairs. The real action get going on the 2nd floor where you must shoot your way past the little zombies to get the stairs. That’s how each floor rolls. You jump to avoid avoid obstacles like flames or green slime which sometimes hangs like a snake from the ceiling. Maybe it is a snake but it looks like slime.

Overall Crazy Bill can be surprisingly difficult although we love the simple controls. Crazy Bill action game presents an interesting to WormRun which we posted about yesterday.

Crazy Bill Features:

* Simple controls: With only two buttons (Jump and shoot) you will enjoy playing many awesome games crushing zombies. Also iCADE compatible
* Stunning retros graphics: Pixelart graphics by Markus Gmuer, the creator of the legendary Time Geeks
* Famous zombies: Discover all the famous guests concealed inside the hotel
* Weekly online tournaments: Compete each week to try to be the best and win prizes if you do
* Free, universal and iCloud synchro: Download the game to your iPad and continue playing in your iPhone where you left off
* 90 Game Center achievements: Full integration with Game Center – Discover in which floor your friends got killed and challenge them to beat you
* Weapon and power-ups: Roast them to ashes, freeze them until they explode into tiny ice cubes, discovers the power of the donut, etc. Thousand of fun ways to kill them
* Retina resolution for iPad and iPhone. Also adapted to iphone5 screen
* iCade compatible

Language Support:
* US English, Spanish

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch or iPad
* Requires iOS 4.3 or later
* Universal Application
* 49 MB

Crazy Bill iOS Game Download

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