Snood Great Puzzle Game Out on Android and Nook

Snood Puzzle Game Download on Android and Nook

Snood Puzzle Game Download on Android and Nook

Snood, the grandmother of the matching puzzle game genre, became available on Android and the Nook platforms for $2.99 and $2.49 respectively. Snood originally came to market in the late 1990s before Bejeweled and the casual puzzle game market exploded.

Snood on Android/Google Play $2.99

Snood on Nook Link $2.49

The Snoods are cute little creatures invented by Word Mouse Games who you must save from some unknown evil force trying to destroy them. You save the Snoods by matching three or more of the same snoods to transport them to a safer place. You do this by launching them at the target Snood or bouncing them off the walls to hit the target Snood. Simple concept, great game. Snood comes in four game modes: Story, Classic, Time Attack and Puzzle. The basic game mechanic remains essentially the game in all four modes.

Any adult and all children who enjoy mesmerizing simple puzzle games will enjoy Snood.

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