The Force Comes to PinBall on iOS and Android

May the force be with your mobile Pinball Table. Zen Studios, the mobile pinball masters released three Star Wars Themed tables as in app purchases with their Zen Pinball game:

Star Wars Episode V $1.99
Boba Fett $1.99
Star Wars The Clone War $1.99

Every element of each table uses Star Wars visuals and audios. For example the plunger in the Star Wars V table is a light sabre, you will hear Yoda’s word of wisdom throughout The Clone Wars and you will see sexy Jabba The Hut in the Boba Fett table. In the Star Wars Episode V table you will hear Luke, Han, Darth, C-3PO and R2D2 when you lose a ball. Three D characters like Darth Vadar, Storm Troopers, Bobba Fett and even the sarlacc appear in the games once you hit certain milestones.

Maybe its our emotional connect to the Star Wars franchise but we think these specific pinball games set a very high bar for mobile device pinball. All the tables offer their own unique game play and you will enjoy playing them all. We were psyched when we 16,000,000 after playing the Episode V table but our sails deflated when we saw folks with over 200,000,000 points at the top.

Star Wars ZenBall Tables on iOS
Star Wars Pinball on Android

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