Letter Rush iOS Word Game Download

Boston based Proletariat Inc, an indie game studio, released Letter Rush a new free word game on the iOS platform. Consumers can play Letter Rush on their iPhones, iPad, iPod Touch devices.

Letter Rush iOS Free Word Game link

The Letter Rush game screen opens with two sections. The top section contains four lines and the bottom section contains a four by four grid of letter tiles. You will see letter tiles words on the top screen moving from right to left. You must spell those words in the bottom section of the screen before they hit the left edge of the top section. Sometimes the words appear on the top section missing a letter like “H-A-Blank-S. You must guess the missing letter when spelling the word in the bottom half of the screen. Each round of Letter Rush starts with clearly stated goals like:

1. Clear a Bomb Word
2. Clear 8 Words with the letter T in a game
3. Reach level 3

Feel free to check out the video to visually learn about Letter Rush.

We like the concept but Letter Rush lacks in game instructions and frustrates us. We correctly spelled words multiple times but the game didn’t recognize this because it seemed like it wanted us to use specific tiles even though the same letter appeared on multiple tiles. We do like the fact that you can play against the computer rather than immediately forcing us to play against a friend although you can challenge friends if you want to.

We think Letter Rush has potential but needs to add either an in game tutorial and instructions as well as text explaining why they didn’t accept your correct spelling of the word. If you like time based word games we recommend Letris Power which combines spelling words with a tetris game mechanic and Word Carnivale which combines word play with a Bejeweled game mechanicish.

Letter Rush iOS Free Word Game link

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