Action Adventure Game Capsized+ Comes To The iPad

One of the leading indie game companies Indiepub released Capsized+, an enhanced version of the original sci-fi action adventure Capsized, an indie game industry darling, on the iPad for $2.99. IndiePub plans to release Capsized+ on Android, Mac and PS3 later this year. Indie gamers praised the original Capsized when it first debuted and this “plus” version of Capsized will delight them. You can buy in game commendations at different price points.

Capsized+ Itunes Link

In Capsized+, your space traveling ship has crashed on a distant mystifying planet which you must now explore while battling crazy looking creatures before they destroy your comrades and you. Capsized+ arms you with weapons like a grappling hook, a Plas-Mortar, Ion Repeater, Nano-Caster and the Quasar Array. Only God knows what some of those weapons are like since the planet’s native inhabitants murder us almost immediately into the first level because we suck. Make a slightly easier mode for us simpletons please.

You can play Capsized+ in different modes : campaign, survival, last gasp and an armless model . In the armless mode you simply lack weapons as opposed to playing without appendages most of us find attached to our shoulders.

The folks at Indiepub pointed out in their communications that this version of the game represents an enhanced one rather than simple port. You navigate using an on screen button on the left and you jump when your finger touches the top upper third of the button which does seem fairly unique. You direct your weapon shot by touching the screen with your free hand. The Capsized+ creation team invested a lot of efforts in the detailed visuals of the planet.

Who would enjoy Capsized+? iPad gamers who enjoy fast action blended with an intellectual adventurous game element will enjoy Capsized+. It may take some time for those more menntally challenged individuals to figure out how to overcome the alien hordes. Alien House created the original Capsized.

Capsized+ Itunes Link

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