Wow – Check out Stickets, A Great Puzzle Game out on iOS

We have wasted the afternoon playing a highly entertaining, melodic, puzzle game on our rusty iPhone called Stickets, created by Wanderlands based in Australia, we think. Stickets offers an exceptional puzzle game experience. Stickets features three colored Tetris like square wedges on a rectangular grid.

Stickets iOS Puzzle Game Download $2.99

You must match the same colored parts of three wedges to score points while ambient music plays in the background. Your earn a single point every time you place a tri colored tile on the board. Stickets comes with three levels Space, Time and Puzzle. In Time mode all the blocks are ticking time bombs and you have to clear out the blocks before they all explode. You advance to the Time level when you earn 50 points in Space and advance to Puzzle when you earn 50 points in Time. We haven’t advanced to Puzzle mode yet.Strickets costs $2.99 and is well worth it.

Fans of ambient puzzle games like Connectrode by Deep Plaid Games will definitely enjoy Stickets. Families, children and anyone who enjoys puzzle games will love Stickets.

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