Blackout Arcade Game Launches On iOS

Montreal based Adrenaline Entertainment released Blackout, an iOS game based on their popular arcade game, features a race of funny looking Googabonga creatures. You must help the Googabona defeat bothersome race named Gooranos who have blacked out all the suns in their Googalaxy. You do this by employing two actions.

Blackout iOS Arcade Game Download $0.99

You flick the individual Googabonga creatures towards the blackout sun in a front to back motion as opposed to the classic Angry Birds left to right direction. If you flick too hard you overshoot your target and you fall short with wimpy shot. When the Googabongas land on the sun, they release multi-colored gems which you must swipe to collect before they fall out of the sky. You get five attempts to clean up on sun on each level.

If you fail to clear up the sun you can buy a Red Devil with gems during the gameplay. A few levels into the game the Gooranos fly back and forth in front of the sun to potentially your clean up efforts.

Blackout does offer a fairly unique game play experience that children will probably enjoy more than adults.

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