Naughty Boy Sling and Shoot Game Out On iOS and Android

Have you ever stayed home from school? Have your family members ever chased you around the house? Did you ever shoot your family members with your sling shot?

In a the new game Naughty Boy Sling and Shoot you are Duke, a kid off (without permission) from school trying to escape from your redneck family members by knocking them down with slingshot as you scramble from room to room. You touch the screen and pull back on the sling shot with your finger while aiming the reticle on the target. The targeting definitely takes some practice. The family members include your mother, your grandmother, your brother, your grandfather and your sister.

The family members can launch a plunger to temporarily block you from shooting the slingshot. You can zap anyone who grabs you with a handheld stun gun. You must collect candy pellets while clearing each room. You increase your score by destroying objects in the rooms as well as getting headshots.

Its a fun game mechanic we haven’t seen in a while. Naughty Boy costs $1.99 on iOS and its free on Android but you can make in-app purchases on both platforms.

Naughty Boy iOS Link $1.99

Naughty Boy Google Play Link

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