Leap Motion Apps – Sortee and Midnight

The Leap Motion apps are coming from Flow Motion, one of many independent developers creating apps for Leap Motion. What is Leap Motion? its a small rectangular shaped hardware device that enables you to control action on your PC and Mac by waving your hand over the Leap Motion device. The video above shows the device in action with a fun arcade puzzle game called Sortee.

Sortee tests your reflexes by forcing you to sort everyday objects like irons, lamps, shoes, golf clubs, couches etc as they fly directly at you. The game flows well on a touch device and tis perfect to display the Leap Motion technology. Leap Motion calls their app store Airspace and you can buy Sortee for $2.99

Midnight for Leap Motion

Midnight looks like a hand controlled screen saver which doubles as a relaxation tool. Flow Motion describes Midnight as “a beautiful and responsive particle system that you can control with your hand and fingers in a very natural way. Particle shapes, colors, and movements animate and react differently based on the number of fingers you use.” It still looks like a fancy screen saver to us. You can buy Midnight for $1.99 at Airspace.

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