HarryBalls Launches an Anyone But Weiner Facebook Group

HarryBalls.com Launches an "Anyone But Weiner" Facebook Group

As a former New York City resident, the HarryBalls.com team was a little bummed when Mayor Bloomberg ignored the voters wishes by running for a third term. We were even more disappointed with A Rod came out as a steriod using cheating ahole. Do you know how much flack Joe Torre caught when he wrote in his book that the Yankees referred to him as “afraud”?

We couldn’t believe Carlos Danger AKA Anthony Weiner decided to run for Mayor two years after he was caught and then lied about sexting woman while serving in Congress. Where was the NSA’s Prism then? We were a little more than shocked when he started climbing up in the polls. But now? WTF?

How does the moron named Anthony Weiner get so arrogant to believe he would make a great Mayor after he gets caught sexting someone again, one year after the first incident? How may times will it take for voters to see how his character flaws disqualify him for Mayor of NYC and would pull the whole city down with him?

So we started a Anyone But Weiner Facebook Group. Feel free to join if you agree with this sentiment.

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