7 Grand Steps Named Most Innovative Game At Casual Connect

Casual Connect USA, the foremost conference for casual video games wrapped yesterday. The attendees voted 7 Grand Steps created by Mousechief , a turn based historical strategy game available now on the PC and Mac for $15, the most innovative game of the year.

In 7 Grand Steps you guide the fate of your ancestors through many layers and 7000 years. The game employs a fun point and click mechanic as you guide and nature your family through the rotating wheel of life. A large flat wheel decorated with hieroglyphic images representing skills like sailing, working with wheels, etc. You drop tokens made from gold ingots into slots to turn the wheel. Each token contains one hieroglyphic image.

Here’s how Mousechief describes Seven Grand Steps:

The basic goal is to collect enough beads to earn a legend. (strings of beads once facilitated oral tradition) Legends are stories of family greatness: Discovering technology, Ascending in society, and Heroic deeds. Legends provide advantages against the inevitable Challenge of the Age.

Legends and Challenges are only a small part of the stories told. Rites of passage, romance, snapshots of daily life, sibling rivalry, etc. These stories bond players to each family in the lineage. Every generation is guided long enough for a player to know them. Every family tells an unique, engaging, interactive story.

The last layer of play contains the ruling games. Should a family reach the ruling class, they can play a simulation of ruling in the current age. Lose this game, and they fall in society. Although playing ruling games are optional, these simulations will run in the background, and the family will be affected by their results.

As generations strive through the ages, stories change, to reflect changes in society. They slowly build a grand and personal legend of western ancestors.”

As you gain skills your societal influence increases. You win the game by surviving the test of time.

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