Funny Valentine’s Day Videos According to Shia LaBeouf’s Brown Paper Bag

Funny Valentine's Day Videos According To A Brown Paper Bag

Funny Valentine's Day Videos According To A Brown Paper Bag

Hey there. I am the brown paper bag with the words “I am Not Famous Anymore” written on my front face while resting uncomfortably on the head of actor Shia LaBeouf. The bewildering HarryBalls editorial team invited me, a brown paper bag, to find and curate the funniest Valentine’s Day videos on the web.

I searched high and low for the funniest Valentine’s Day videos. There were a lot of “I hate Valentine’s Day” not so funny videos. I also found some slightly funny “How To Survive Valentine’s Day videos. Based on all the Valentine’s Day videos I watched I concluded that this romantic holiday seems to stress women out way more than men or maybe women are just more open about their feelings surrounding the societal pressures of Valentine’s Day.

Here’s the complete list of the funniest Valentine’s Day Videos:

1. Funny Valentine’s Day Video – Sarah McLachlan PSA by Super Cool Creative


2. Valentines’s BlowJob Commmercial by Fonda Sketch Comedy



3. 10 Ways To Please Your Man On Valentine’s Day by Brute Squad


4. What Men Really Think About Valentine’s Day by Brown List



5. Why Its Ok To Be A Single Girl On Valentine’s Day by Elite Daily


6. A Terrible Valentine’s Day Song by Jacks Films


7. Single Vs. Married on Valentine’s Day by Little Ditty


Note: We satirically credited a brown paper bag worn by Shia Lebaouf with compiling this list of funny valentine’s day videos. The brown paper bag forcefully states that Shia Lebaouf contributed absolutely nothing to this post or this site. John Busher created this post.

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