A Bud Of Marijuana Interviews the Word “Nowhere” About Marco Rubio’s Future

A Bud Of Marijuana Interviews the Concept of "Nowhere About Marco Rubio's Future"

Daniel Larison, a writer for The American Conservative and Politico, wrote a post about Florida Senator Marco Rubio suggesting in the sub head that “Marco Rubio is going nowhere”. I, Sativa Sue, a beautiful fragrant bud of Sativa Marjiuana interviewed the concept “Nowhere” to get its thoughts on Marco Rubio’s future.

Sativa Sue: Hello Nowhere. Should I use a capital or lower case when writing your name?

Nowhere: Whatever suits your purpose. I’m ambivalent.

Sativa Sue: So Nowhere is ambivalent.

Nowhere: Don’t even think about starting a “who’s on first” bullshit copycat bit.

Sativa Sue: So now Nowhere is angry.

Nowhere: Let’s move past this crap. I’m flummoxed actually.

Sativa Sue: Why?

Nowhere: Mr Larison suggested Marco Rubio is headed to Nowhere. Mr. Larison says this as if the honorable Senator Rubio would be welcome here at Nowhere.

Sativa Sue: So Nowhere has restrictions on who you let in?

Nowhere: We call them guidelines and they are not really that restrictive. It’s harder to get into a community college than into Nowhere.

Sativa Sue: Is Nowhere racist, meaning you don’t let folks with a latino Cuban heritage into Nowhere?

Nowhere: God no. Nowhere welcomes anyone regardless of their race, creed, color, sex, income, country of origin and income.

Sativa Sue: Ok. I’m getting nowhere with you. Can you share your reasons you would block Rubio from Nowhere?

Nowhere: Nowhere would prefer to keep hypocrites and douchbags out of Nowhere.

Sativa Sue: Where should Rubio go?

Nowhere: Somewhere else.

Sativa Sue: Hey Somewhere Else, do you want Rubio?

Somewhere Else: Fuck no. He can go to hell.

Sativa Sue: Hell. How would you feel if Rubio knocked on your front door.

Hell: He’s already in here.

Sativa Sue: Well. I guess we know were Marco Rubio’s future lies. What do you want to do next?

Nowhere, Somewhere Else and Hell: Can you get us high?

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