Democracy 3, Political Simulation Video Game, Out On IPad

Do you cringe when you hear the latest policy decisions announced by your government? Do you scratch your head wondering what, if anything, were your elected leaders thinking when they formed these policies? Are you convinced you can make better decisions to benefit the greater good? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then you are eligible to buy Democracy 3, a political simulation game out now on the IPad for $9.99.

Created by Cliff Harris, an United Kingdom indepedent game developer who the created PC simulation games Gratutious Tank Battles, Gratutious Space Battles, and Kudo’s 2 you can find at the Positech web site.

As the player you lead one of five countries – Germany, France, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United Sates, and act as the ultimate decider of all decisions pertaining to the governing of your country like which taxes to increase or decrease, and which government programs to keep or kill. You must do this while paying attention to the upcoming election. You can affect all policies in areas like welfare, taxes, the economy, public services, law & order, and the Environment by adjusting elements like income tax, car emissions, faith school subsidies, citizen ship tests, wiretapping, police drones and many, many more. Sometimes you will have to deal with one time problematic events like epidemics. You must make many decisions while making sure you get re-elected.

Each policy decision make can cause your popularity to go up or down with the different constituent groups like socialists, commuters, patriots, retirees, environmentalists and others. Mr. Harris created very sophisicated decision making software also known as a neural network to help increase the realism of the game. Its a fascinating political video game.

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