Duskers, New Indie Strategy PC Game, Available for Pre-Order

Duskers Indie Game Available for Pre-order

Duskers Indie Game Available for Pre-order

Misfits Attic, a San Francisco based husband and wife creative indie game development team, opened the pre-order doors on their latest game called Duskers priced at $20 for the PC and Steam. Here’s how they describe Duskers “you pilot drones in direlict spaceships to find the means to survive. In film terms its The Road Meets the first Alien movie.”

The video does an exceptional job describing the game but it sounds like Duskers will tax your intellect way more than your eye hand coordination, which is good thing, in our opinion. We asked the Misfits Attics folks some questions on the timing of the game.

1. HarryBalls.com: If users fork over $20 for the pre-order of the game when can they expect you to release it?

Misfits Attic: I’m hoping a year from now. Maybe alpha access in a few months and early access in early 2015.

2. HarryBalls.com: So the folks who pre-order now would get Alpha access?

Misfits Attic: They will when it’s ready. For now they just get a humble download page that empty… but once we feel the game is in a state for players to give it a whirl we’ll give them a Steam Key (PC only for now)

3. HarryBalls.com: Will you issue complete refunds to folks who pre-pay if you don’t complete the game?

Misfits Attic: Ha. I sure would, but the only way I’m not completing the game if I get hit by a bus. I just borrowed a bunch of money from some amazing people to make this game. I’ve never flaked on a project and don’t intended to :).

A few well regarded folks from the indie game development community partially funded the game.

Indie Fund +
Cliff Harris (as Positech Games),
Tommy Refenes,
Jeff Rosen,
John Graham,
Sarah & Colin Northway
And in addition to being there through Indie Fund these guys helped more:
Ron Carmel
Aaron Isaksen (with John Bizzarro as AppAbove Games),
Kellee Santiago

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