Flappy Bird Clone of the Moment – Swanky Bird HD!

Flappy Bird Clone of the Moment - Swanky Bird HD

Flappy Bird Clone of the Moment – Swanky Bird HD

Can you use the word cynical to describe the normally nutty editorial staff? Maybe. We did create the “Guess When the Politician Gets Indicted Office Pool” promotion which invites folks to guess the month when Chris Christie, Andrew Cuomo, Pat Quinn, Scott Walker and Francis J. Underwood get indicted. Thirty six hours after we soft launched it, a Texas grand jury indicted Texas Governor Rick Perry.

We receive many press releases from video game developers saying some other video game, usually the hottest video game of the moment, inspired their own creation. What does this mean? We assume the video game developer lacks any creative energy so they copy other game developers ideas. It worked for King.com’s Candy Crush. We decided write this cynical post called the Flappy Birds Clone of the Moment starring the completely unoriginal but shiney game called Swanky Bird and it comes in HD! Wow.

Swanky Bird HD hails from indie game developer Christopher Smart Dalton. Mr Dalton uses extremely sharp HD quality graphics in a 3D environment rather than the pixelated 2D World of Flappy Birds. The player navigates their way through openings between two pipes which avoiding obstacles like landmines and collecting magical coins. Blah. Blah. Blah. The 3D angle does make the game slightly harder than Flappy Birds, if that’s possible and its free. Whoopee. Swanky Birds HD comes on iOS and Android/Google play.

Flappy Bird Comedy Video

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