Space Janitors, Star Wars Parody, Season 3 Premiere Date

Space Janitors Season 3 Premiere

Space Janitors Season 3 Premiere October 7th

Who likes sci-fi parodies? We do! We Do! And we are happy to say Space Janitors, our all time favorite Star Wars parody will debut their ┬áthird season on Geek &Sundry October 7th. The Canadian Comedy Awards named Space Janitors the Best Web Series for 2013. Space Janitors also won “Best Original Series for Digital Media” from the Canadian Screen Awards.

The Space Janitors story centers on two janitorial engineers named Darby Richards (Brendan Halloran) and Mike Chet (Pat Thornton), employed on a Death Star like space vessel. Their co-workers and Death Star like vessel cohorts include LN6-K(Tess Degenstein), a self-aware female android; Edith Kingping (Evany Rosen), a computer psychologist and Dennis 4862((Scott Yamamura), a Squall (Storm) trooper. Many folks like this show even Tatiana Masley, star of the fanatastic Orphan Black. Davin Lengyel and Geoff Lapaire created Space Janitors. You can watch the complete second season of Space Janitors <a href=””>here</a>.

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