App of the Week – The Tunnel – An Endless Fall

The Tunnel - An Endless Fall

The Tunnel – An Endless Fall

The Tunnel An Endless Fall – Five out of Five Stars
Do any of your dreams involve falling from high places like a ladder, a roof, a cliff? How about falling down an endless tunnel owned by the Proton Corporation?


We have been addictively playing The Tunnel, an Endless Fall, created by Ambient Labs, for the last few weeks. The Tunnel definitely falls in the simple to learn, difficult to master games category. Ambient Labs describes The Tunnel as a casual game with depth. The Tunnel is free with ads and in-app purchases.



You play the game as Stanley Farnsworth III, an explorer of some renown fighting corporations like Proton. Stanley jumps down the tunnel to break into their facilities. As Stanley falls you must collect blue rings that line the tunnel every 200 feet or so. You guide the descent by tapping gently on the left or right part of the screen to avoid obstacles like pipes, mining bores, stalactites, lava, and mining carts. You gain speed as time passes and the tunnel curves come more sharply.


The game starts with five parachutes you can use to slow your descent and you can buy more via in app purchase. However as your momentum picks up you can collect more blue rings faster. You can purchase upgrades with your real money or with the rings you have collected. The upgrades include better backpacks, protective head gear – a 1920’s american football leather football helmut, war helmet, binoculars, and a jetpack.



Kids and anyone who enjoys a game that challenges your eye hand coordination will enjoy the Tunnel. Five out of Five stars.


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