Kim Jong Un’s Open Job Offer to Amy Pascal, Formerly With SONY

Kim Jong Un’s Open Job Offer to Amy Pascal

Kim Jong Un’s Open Job Offer to Amy Pascal

Dear Ms. Pascal,

Hello. I hope this note finds you and your loved ones in great happiness, health and fully employed.

Oops. Sorry. I couldn’t help myself. Maybe I’m still a little upset about the accusation that my great country of North Korea orchestrated the hack of SONY Entertainment’s computer network that is more porous than NBC’s Brian William’s explanation of his lies about his 2003 Iraq helicopter experience. Alternatively perhaps I am an angry, spiteful, tyrannical ruler as Seth “I write all my movie scripts stoned out of my gourd which explains why they aren’t so funny” Rogen would have you believe. Either way I hope all is good with you.

I have great news that affects you. North Korea plans to share our cultural values (propaganda) with the world though films produced right here in Pyongyang. The North Korean film industry will employ hundreds of thousands of volunteer slave laborers involved in all aspects of the productions. Our first film will tell a story about a super fit North Korean humble young man who overcomes many obstacles, odds and family members to become the gentle reluctant shepherd of his people. You may have guessed we have based this film on my life story.

We are in discussions with Leo DiCaprio, Jake Gyllenhall and Jamie Fox to play the lead role. Jennifer Lawrence, Rachel McAdams and Emilia Clarke are battling each other to play the love interest and future wife.

Here’s where you come in. We would love to tap your deep film production experience to act as our email etiquette coach. How does this idea sound? Feel free to respond with your thoughts.


Kim Jong Un.

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