Chris Christie Blows the Competition Away in the Presidential Poll

Chris Christie Blows the Competition Away like a Category 3 Hurricane in the first Presidential Poll

Chris Christie Blows the Competition Away like a Category 3 Hurricane in the first Presidential Poll

(San Francisco, CA), a satirical news site, published the results of their first political poll asking prospective self-loathing Republican voter’s one single question:

“Which potential Republican Presidential candidate has the thinnest skin?”

“The honorable New Jersey Governor Chris ‘I can walk and chew gum at the same time’ Christie blew his fellow Republican candidates away like a category 3 hurricane named Sandy in the first Presidential-like poll” explained the surprised spokesperson.

The spokesperson continued, “Prior to the poll, we thought Rand Paul, Bobby Jindal, Scott Walker and Rick Perry could have given Christie a tough time but it wasn’t even close. Respondents overwhelming agreed Chris Christie has the thinnest skin of all the Republican Presidential candidates. Rand ‘I shish reporters’ Paul came in a distant second with Jindal, Walker and Perry all tied for third. The respondents refused to consider Jeb Bush’s campaign seriously thanks to the dismal Presidential economic record of his father George H. W. Bush’s Presidency and his brother George “Mission Accomplished” W. Bush’s economic disaster of a Presidency.

One respondent explained, “Jeb’s brother George W. destroyed 8 million jobs and started two wars, one with fabricated information. Who could possibly take another candidate named Bush seriously?”

John M. Busher wrote this post. If you appreciate this kind of humor and would like to support Mr. Busher you can buy his short satirical ebooks published through a service called Smashwords. You can read the books on pretty much all electronic devices – PC, Kindle, iPad, Nook etc.

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