5 Post Daily Show Career Options for #JonStewart

5 Post Daily Show Career Options for Jon Stewart

5 Post Daily Show Career Options for Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart announced his plans to exit The Daily Show at some point in 2015. The nutty editorial team conjured up these post Daily Show career options for Mr. Stewart.

1. Manage the New York Mets.

2. Join the fair and balanced Fox Network News team.

3. Co-star with Bill O’Reilly in a Broadway revival of the Odd Couple.

4. Run for the United States Presidency as a “cut taxes for the rich” Republican candidate.

5. Coach North Korea’s Kim Jong Un in using the right facial expressions to positively convey Un’s message of love and respect for all humans.

Here’s an funny animated video starring Jon Stewart and Mitt Romney.

Here’s another funny animated video where Jon Stewart offers Serenity for Dipshits Insurance.


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