Hillary Clinton’s 10 Email Storage Tips for Transparent Politicians

Hillary Clinton Email Storage Tips for Transparent Politicians

Hillary Clinton Email Storage Tips for Transparent Politicians

1. Avoid maintaining your own email storage server in your basement next to the dead bodies. If possible move the bodies.

2. Don’t use an obvious domain like yourlastnameemail.com

3. Privatize your email domain registry. This usually costs $7 to $14 US annually.

4. Regarding the bodies from number tip #1 above – use a high end furnace rather than a wood chipper.

5. When in doubt delete, delete, delete.

6. Remember rules are made to be broken.

7. Consider placing the email server right in the room you most commonly use to entertain your guests. Possible game for guests – Guess how many emails deleted today. Offer a door prize.

8. Use invisible ink when crafting your emails.

9. If your minions orchestrate any traffic lane schedule changes on major metropolitan bridges definitely instruct them via email to refrain from communicating with each other using email.

10. Sign up for the Hillary Clinton Email Storage Service for Transparent Politicians. No questions asked. Only $19.99 per month if you sign a four year contract. We now accept bitcoin.

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