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Harry Balls.com is a social media and entertainment company for anyone with a sense of humor. We are redefining the phrase redefining. Harry Balls aspires to provide the most shareable news, reporting, entertainment and video across the world for young men.

App & Game News Submission Guidelines:

Name of the App

App Publisher/Creator

Link to the App/publisher’s/creator’s site

Link to the purchase/download page

App description – Be sure to answer the question: “What makes your app unique to your audience?” Just because you or your company built it doesn’t make it unique.



Platform and System Requirements

Links to screenshots and and videos

Launch Date – If you haven’t determined the exact launch date say something like Q2 2079

Price – If you haven’t determined price say ”The Price is TBD”. If the App is 100% free say so.

If it’s free to play with in app purchases share what exactly what consumers can buy and for how much.

If it’s free but ad supported say so.

If you are still trying to figure out how you plan to monetize the game say so.

Contact information for the legal representative of the app – email address which someone checks more than once a month would be great.

We are based in the Northern California area. If you have any questions, suggestions or partnership opportunities feel free to contact us via the email address below:

Harry Balls Email address

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