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The Guild Season Six Episode One

Geek & Sundry released the first episode of their sixth season today. In this episode Codex gets a real job with the creators of the game she plays online with her guild. Find out how she deals.

Steve Jobs Visits The Jesus Show

Steve Jobs Visits the Jesus Show, an original funny video from one of our slightly bent contributors.

Endless Empires IndieGoGo Campaign

Canadian based Rusty Axe Games launched an IndieGoGo fundraising campaign for their free to play online WW II strategy game called Endless Empires Endless Empires takes place during World War II across the northern European continent. Rusty Axe Games will invest the IndiGoGo funds to enhance and improve the game. If you like indie strategy games check out the pitch and empty your wallet.

Support Endless Empires IndieGoGo Campaign

The Guild Season 6 Coming October 2nd

One of our favorite funny original web shows of all time, The Guild will debut their sixth season exclusively on their web site Geek and Sundry October 2, 2012. Check out The Guild Season 6 trailer above. You can watch the previous five seasons using this link. Each episodes lasts five to eight minutes. You will enjoy every single episode.

Felicia Day, a female hard core gamer, actress and world class violinist conceived and wrote The Guild which tells the story of group of real world friends who first meet online while playing a fictitious World of Warcraft like RPG video game. Eventually they meet in their real off line world and form friendships. Each character on the show has two identities, one in the show’s real world and one in the online game world. For example Felicia portrays Cyd Sherman, a shy, panicky person who avoids confrontation whose plays the online game as a female priest named Codex. (more…)

Rovio’s Bad Piggies Game Download

Rovio, kings the gaming world, released Bad Piggies, a downloadable video game playable on the iOS, Android, PC and Mac platforms. Bad Piggies features the pigs who pissed off the birds in the Angry Birds line of games. According to their web site, Rovio says that this Bad Piggies game will be the first of a whole line of games starring the bird hating pigs as the heroes. (more…)

Mitt Romney Explains the Number 47

The Mitt Romney Show: Forty Seven from John Busher on Vimeo.

In this funny video and inaugural episode of the Mitt Romney Show, Mitt Romney explains how he feels about the number 47.

Funny Video: Tebow and Jesus

The American football season starts tomorrow Wednesday with the Super Champion New York Giants playing the Dallas Cowboys. In New York the Tim Tebow Mark Sanchez New York Jets quarterback non controversy definitely garnered more press attention than the New York Giants post SuperBowl victory plans. In celebration of Tebow’s presence in NY we posted this funny video clip from Saturday Night Live featuring Tim Tebow and Jesus.

Dirk Dashing 2: E.V.I.L Eye Game Download

California based My Game Company released Dirk Dashing 2: E.V.I.L Eye, a fun family friendly platform game consumers. Dirk Dashing 2 costs $19.99. Consumers can play the Dirk Dashing 2 on their PC, Mac and or Linux computers.

In Dirk Dashing 2, you play Dirk Dashing, a James Bond type of Super Spy who must track down the source of a virus that destroys a computer network of his employer G.O.O.D. Turns out the a Dr No like character named Dr. EGO concocted the virus. The creators of Dirk Dashing injected an element similar to one aspect of the Splinter Cell series starring Sam Fisher from Ubisoft. When Dirk Dashing wonders into a shaded area he becomes difficult to see.

My Good Company hand painted the scenery using acrylic and watercolor paints over a three year period. Dirk Dashing 2 offers fun distraction for kids and families without any violence. You can download a free demo to determine if you want to shell out $19.99.

Dirk Dashing 2: E.V.I.L Eye Desktop Game Download $19.99

Funny Interview: Mitt Romney’s UnReleased Tax Returns

The nutty editorial team at HarryBalls.com sat down to interview Mitt Romney’s unreleased tax returns from the years 2000 through 2009. How can we interview a bunch of non human non speaking paperwork you ask? Magic happens at HarryBalls.com. The unreleased tax returns elected the tax return for the year 2009, to voice their responses to our questions.

HarryBalls.com: Hello Mitt Romney’s missing tax returns. How are you?

Romney’s 2009 Tax Return: Fine. But we aren’t really missing. We are just in “seclusion”. (more…)

Running Dead iOS Game Download

Leal Arts released their take on the running video game genre called “Running Dead”. As you might guess you are running away from zombies who have overtaken your town. Running Dead costs $0.99 on either the IPhone or IPad but we think the game plays better on the IPhone. (more…)

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