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Siege Hero iOS Arcade Game Download

Siege Hero iOS Arcade Game Download

Warspark and Armor Games released Siege Hero, one of the best Angry Birds clones we have come across. Kingdoms are under siege by the bad guys and you have to retake castles. Rather than launching projectiles from the left to the right sides of the screen you actually launch them from the front to the back so to speak. The projectiles include boulders, rocks, barrels of oil, flasks of liquid fire and bombs. Sometimes you have to strategically destroy a bridge or bridges to knock down the siege participants (See the video of level 2-8 below). Even though it does resemble Angry Birds to some degree, Warspark’s unique take on the physics puzzle genre makes Siege Hero a worthwhile download. Siege Hero is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.0 or later and costs $0.99 and the HD version costs $2.99.

Siege Hero iOS Arcade Game Download $0.99

Siege Hero iOS Arcade Game Download $0.99

Don’t Fry the Frog iOS Arcade Game Download

Don't Fry The Frog iOS Arcade Game Download

Black Torch Games released “Don’t Fry The Game” as a free to play game on the iOS Platform. You must make sure the Frog eats the “right” kind of healthy bugs by zapping the not so healthy bugs. You create the zapping by touching two fingers to your screen at the same time. You move your fingers towards the zapping targets while avoiding the frog and healthy flys. Don’t Fry the Frog has promise although you need both hands on your device to play the game. Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad requiring iOS 4.3 or later. Consumers can play Don’t Fry the Frog for free and pay for a jar of Fly pennies. (more…)

Bitter Sam iOS Game Download Coming March 15th

Bitter Sam iOS Game Download

How Bitter is Sam? Why is Sam Bitter? Apparently, Sam’s life has never been easy. Who’s life has been easy, Sam? When you were in your mother’s womb did someone promise you an easy life?

He’s been overlooked by his family, did shitty in school and lost out on loveā€¦ and now scientist kidnapped and tossed him into a bottomless pit to search for crystals which hold a secret power. You will find out more when independent game developer Moon Active releases their first game called Bitter Sam on the iPhone and IPod Touch on March 15, 2012 priced at $0.99. Moon Active describes Bitter Sam as a “tilt based action puzzler”. (more…)

Nose Invaders iOS Game Download – Pick this one?

Sorry. We couldn’t help overselves. What do you expect from the cracked “editorial” team at a site called HarryBalls.com. Yes. The Swedish game company known as Dear Future Astronaut released a physics puzzle adventure game for the iOS platform called Nose Invaders priced at $0.99. Nose Invaders takes place in someone’s nose. Who’s nose? No one knows. Sorry. When a mobile game takes place in noses some one has to write about it. Virus have invaded the noses of various creatures and you must guide the hero to wipe out said viruses from the noses. You aim the hero by tapping the screen towards the targeted viruses but you must also pay attention to the direction of the creature’s breath which will influence the direction your hero takes like a sail boat. It’s easy to learn and difficult to master.

Nose Invaders iOS Puzzle Game Download $0.99

Pizza Vs Skeletons iOS Arcade Game

Pizza Vs Skeletons iOS Arcade Game Download

Riverman Media released Pizza Vs Skeletons, an interesting arcade game built specifically for the iOS platform. In Pizza vs Skeletons you play a giant pizza who must defeat bad guys like skeletons and fire breathing robots, by crushing them while avoiding their pointy spears and fire. You do this by tilting your device to the left or right. You can also make the pizza jump by tapping device’s screen. We applaud their creative approach to building a unique game. Pizza Vs Skeletons requires iOS 5.0 or later. (more…)

Eufloria HD IPad Game Download

Eufloria IPad HD Game Download

Tuna HQ and Omni Systems Ltd have published the award winning Eufloria HD for the IPad for $4.99. If you own an IPad and like strategic ambient video games than you must download and buy Eufloria HD. Originally named Dyson the game takes place in deep space where you command floral life forms who grow on asteroids. (more…)

Gratuitous Tank Battles Development Video

Cliff Harris, owner and sole programmer for the indie studio known as Positech Games released this video where Cliff explains the debugging tools he uses during the development of his upcoming strategy PC game called Gratuitous Bank Battles (GTB). Cliff (Positech Games) makes elaborate strategy and simulation video games and this video gives the audience insight into the development process. The video may not appeal to everyone but certainly to folks who want to learn more about the game development process. GTB is currently in alpha and the beta release will be made available to folks who pre-order the game soon. (more…)

Tiny Bang Story out for IPad

IPad owners should rejoice. Colibri Games released the HD IPad version of their fantastic family friendly puzzle game called Tiny Bang Story. The Tiny Bang Story tells the story of a world called The Tiny Planet, hit by an asteroid and players must point and click their way through the game to recover and assemble the puzzle pieces of Tiny Planet. Puzzle loving adults and children will enjoy playing The Tiny Bang Story on their IPads. Tiny Bang Story costs $2.99.

Tiny Bang Story IPad HD Game Download $2.99

A Virus Named Tom Game Download

Consumers can now pre-order Misfits Attic’s debut game called A Virus Named Tom, described as an action puzzle game for the PC. The pre-order price is $5.00. In A Virus Named Tom, a scientist named Dr X creates “A virus Named Tom” to get back at the people who fired him. The virus named Tom must spread his infection to robot dogs and teleporters while avoiding drones in a City called Tomorrow. (more…)

Sir Benfro’s Brilliant Balloon iOS Adventure Game Download

Sir Benfro's Brilliant Balloon -Timorous Fizzle Creature

Tim Fishlock and Giles Hammond created and released Sir Benfro’s Brilliant Balloon, a visually stunning platform adventure game for the IPhone, IPod Touch and the IPad requiring iOS 3.2 or later for $0.99. You help guide Sir Benfro as he travel the world using his “Brilliant” balloon for transportation as he discovers new lands and creatures. You must gently touch the screen to power the balloons ascent into the air making sure to guide the balloon into fireflies who provide the power. Removing your finger from the screen causes the balloon to descend. Sir Benfro’s Brilliant Balloon is definitely one of the more unique games our fingers have played with in while. (more…)