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And Yet It Moves Action Platform Game Review

Game Review by Josh Komon
Game Rating = 3/5 Balls

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“And Yet It Moves.” An interesting title and an interesting idea. Is it also an interesting game? The idea is simple enough: Move your “ghost” from checkpoint to checkpoint in almost standard side-scrolling manner. Every game must have a hook, and in this case, it is the ability to flip the world around, creating a new perspective, and more importantly, new direction of gravity. The story is even simpler: There isn’t one.

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Spirited Heart Simulation Game Review

Game Review by Simplicity Lett
Game Rating = 1/5 Balls

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Spirited Heart, by Winter Wolves, calls itself a “Fantasy Life Simulation Game”, and at first read seems to be an interesting way to spend your game time.

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Pixie Arcade Puzzle Game Review

Game Review by VJ Webb
Game Rating = 5/5 Balls

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Pixie is a sparkling fairy and she is lost. It is your job to help her find her way through the dark forest. In order to do this, you must travel through 100 levels of play by sending magic vines to fence off sections of the board. Of course, evil bugs (called enemies) will try to prevent you from succeeding in your happy mission of coloring the world. When a section is fenced in, it fills with beautiful flowers, butterflies and leaves. It also kills any enemies trapped in the enclosure. To advance to the next level, you must fill in 85 percent of the board. Extra points are awarded for filling in more than 85 percent. Bonus points are awarded for killing all of the enemies.

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Legacy World Adventure Puzzle Game Download

Game Review by Heather Kindberg
Game Rating = 3/5 Balls

Legacy: World Adventure Game Download

Legacy: World Adventure is a puzzle/adventure game in which the player must employ her world geography knowledge, trivia abilities, and mini-game fortitude. But don’t angst if you’re geographically-challenged: The mini-games are clue-revealing and will save your hide if you play enough of them between destinations!

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Bump Puzzle Game Review and Game Download

Game Review by Abasster
Game Rating = 3/5 Balls
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Care to play a fun 2D game that will test your basic problem solving skills? Bumps by Utopian Games is a very cute and unique bouncy rolling ball 2 Dimensional (2D) game that will test the player’s ability to use the surrounding environment to an advantage. The story starts with an alien invasion & many of the Bumps are taken prisoner as to become food supply for the aliens. The player must help the Bumps escape by strategically placing one or two required Bumps that when prompted, will maneuver through a circuit/track/course, grab all the required keys to open the locks and free their imprisoned friends.

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Wallace and Gromit -Adventure Game Review and Game Download

Game Review by Matt Bird
Game Rating = 5/5 Balls

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I’ll admit that my first reaction to a Wallace & Gromit game was fear. I’ve always loved the claymation adventures of the dim-witted inventor and his dog, and I didn’t want to see my memories ruined.

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Escape Rose Cliff Island Hidden Object Game Review and Game Download

Game Review by Debbie Lester
Game Rating = 3/5 Balls

Escape Rosecliff Island Game Download

Gazebo’s, boathouses, cellars and porches! These are just some of the scenes in the new SpinTop game, Escape Rosecliff Island. This hidden object game is full of surprises. While there are a lot of similarities to another SpinTop series, Escape Rosecliff Island is still packs a punch for the casual gamer.


The player becomes a castaway on Rosecliff Island after being shipwrecked during a terrible storm. The player must visit different areas all over the island in search of materials that will help them get off the island, like a full gas can or a compass. In order to do this the player must find items and solve puzzles.

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Dream Chronicles The Chosen Child Game Review and Free Game Download

Game Review by Debbie Lester
Game Rating = 4/5 Balls

Download and Buy Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child

Fairies, crystal balls, and disappearing objects! These are just a few of wondrous things you’ll find in the third installation of The Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child. In this adventure game meets hidden object game gamers will be enchanted by not only the story, but the music and graphics as well.

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