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The Lame Duck Show: Turn Key Tyranny Solutions

Watch as Barack Obama pitches Turn Key Tyranny Solutions to aspiring tyrants around the world in this episode of The Lame Duck Show called Turn Key Tyranny Solutions, a funny video written and directed by John Busher unless the NSA wants to know in which case Martin Dingleberry created it.

Hello Ladies Teaser Trailer – from Stephen Merchant – HBO

We love British comedy or comedy from British even if it takes place in the United States. We came across this teaser trailer for “Hello Ladies” new HBO comedy debuting in September 2013. Stephen Merchant, the co-creator of “The Office” series with Ricky Gervais, created Hello Ladies. Hello Ladies tells the story of a British transplant living in Los Angeles and his and his geeky friends’ lives as they attempt to meet women.

Marbly Free Puzzle Game Designed by Tetris Inventor

Marbly Free Puzzle Game

Marbly Free Puzzle Game

Its been ages since we wrote post about a video game. Why? Could it be laziness? Depression? Boredom? Maybe a lack or dearth of games offering original game play or put another way clones of clones of clones. More likely a combination of all the above.

Wild Snake Software partnered with Alexey Pajitnov, credited as the creator of Tetris, to release a free puzzle game for your iPhone or iPad called Marbly. The game takes place on a checkered board similar to a chess board where you must move the marbles into a line of three or more marbles of the same color. It sounds like a match 3 game but its not really. Look at the attached screenshot to see. You can tap or touch each marble to prompt the game to show you all its possible moves without highlighting to right move to solve the puzzle. Like many games you will probably breeze through the first few levels.

For each level you really should look at the screen carefully because ultimately the Marbly comes with a limited number of replays or restarts which is where the game really began to annoy us. Rather than charging a flat $0.99, $1.99 even $2.99 like some great puzzle games like Connectrode they nickel and dime you to buy coins so you can advance to what they call volumes of levels II and III. That’s a bunch of crap. The game offers fairly unique game play with a crappy business model. Here’s the iTunes link for Marbly.

Marbly iOS Free Puzzle Game Download

An Interview with The Paradox King from the Novel Paradox Lost

An interview with Professor Frank Backus, the Paradox King from the novel Paradox Lost Books I and II written by Daniel L. Lowery who also authored this interview.

1. HarryBalls.com: In the story Paradox Lost, Professor Frank Backus teaches classes on the Philosophy of Language and Basic Philosophy. Professor Backus what subjects do you cover in your lessons?

Frank Backus: Well, Greenleaf University is a fundamentalist Christian school, so many of the students are unfamiliar with the subjects I cover, such as oxymorons.

2. HarryBalls.com: Oxymorons? Could you explain them to us?

Frank Backus: Well, don’t feel bad if you don’t know what an oxymoron is. Half my class thought it meant really stupid people. Actually, oxymorons are words that contradict each other such as Same Difference, Turning Up the Silence and a Well Known Secret. (more…)

Ask My Mom – New Video Series from Maria Bamford

Maria Bamford, one of our favorite comedians from Minnesota, in conjunction with My Damn Channel, created a new satirical advice video series called “Ask My Mom” where viewers can ask Maria’s Mom, played by Maria, advice about their lives which debuted on the My Damn Channel channel on Youtube. We enjoy Maria’s sense of humor. You may recognize Maria from her appearance in Season 4 of Arrested Development and as the enthusiastic shopper in the Target Holiday TV ads. We have posted the first two episodes of Ask My Mom here. My Damn Channel will release new episodes of “Ask My Mom” on Thursdays in June 2013. (more…)

Dingo Games Plans to Release Tasty Planet: Back For Seconds

Dingo Games announced their plans to release the sequel to their game Tasty Planet called Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds towards the end of August this year we assume.  Players guide a a tiny ball of grey goo through six different time periods as it eats objects smaller than itself.   Here’s the trailer.

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