Great Little War Game Android Download

Rubicon Development released their 3D turned based strategy game called Great Little War Game on the android market for $2.99.

Great Little War Game Android Download $2.99

Great Little War Game features opposing armies of infantry armed with artillery, tanks, helicopters and ships. There are 24 different units to play with and extra speech packs to download in-game. (more…)

Worms Ultimate Mayhem Game Download

Consumers can finally play Worms Ultimate Mayhem on their PC or XBox 360s assuming they buy it from Stream or the XBox Live Arcade first :O). Worms Ultimate Mayhem costs 1200 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE Arcade, and £10.99/€12.99/$14.99 for PC from Steam. Playstation Network users will have to wait until later this year to download and play Worms Ultimate Mayhem. (more…)

Frayed Knights: The Skull of S’makh-Daon Game Download

Rampant Games released a trailer for their upcoming comedic RPG called Frayed Knights: The Skull of S’makh-Daon for windows and the mac. Frayed Knights: The Skull of S’makh-Daon offers consumers a 3D turn-based combat, old-school sensibilities, and a story of high adventure and comedy. (more…)

Worms Ultimate Mayhem Game Download Pre-Order

Team 17 have pushed the launch of Worms Ultimate Mayhem on Steam to Wednesday September 28th for $14.99. Consumers can get a 10% discount if they pre-order Worms Ultimate Mayhem from Steam now. If consumers pre-order four copies of Worms Ultimate Mayhem you will get a 25% “discount. In this 3D PC game Worms Ultimate Mayhem offers consumers many ways to customize the worms which you can see in the game trailer above. Worms Ultimate Mayhem players can also create their own weapon of mass destruction. We wonder if Dick Cheney approved this feature.

Worms Ultimate Mayhem Game Download Pre-Order

Heavy Hogur Game Update

Spelagon, creators of games like Mulver $14.95 and most recently Heavy Hogur $9.95 have released a an update for the latter. The update includes a game editor which allows paid Heavy Hogur users to create their own rooms. The video above explains how the game editor works. The update also allows consumers to share rooms with the community, fast forward through the game, and fixes a few bugs.

You can buy Heavy Hogur for $9.95 here.

Substream Looking for Beta Testers

Ben Bradley, an independent game developer is looking for beta testers for his game Substream, a 3D action shooter with very interesting musical elements. (more…)

Critical Mass Demo Download

Critical Mass Release Date Trailer

Critical Mass Game Demo Download
Buy Critical Mass $9.99

Manic Game Studio’s released the playable demo for their 3D puzzle game called Critical Mass available for sale on Steam and from the Manic Game Studio’s web site for $9.99. Critical Mass injects 3D into a match 3 game which kind of looks like a Rubik’s Cube. (more…)

Proun Tube Racing Game Download

Buy Proun Game Download – Name Your Own Price

Ronimo Games released Proun, an addicting downloadable 3D racing game for sale. In Proun the game player must race against time to direct a 3D Ball along a tube while avoiding abstract art like obstacles. Proun’s game trailer and the screenshot visually explain the game. We think Proun offers unique and challenging game play worth at least $15 when you buy the game although consumers can ultimately pay what they want for Proun. (more…)

Interview with a Rockscrubber – Heavy Hogur

The cracked editorial team recently interviewed Hogur Rockscrubber, a dwarf who stars in the 3D downloadable puzzle platform game Heavy Hogur created by Spelagon for the PC for $9.95. Consumers can buy Heavy Hogur using this link – Buy Heavy Hogur for $9.99. You can read our complete review of Heavy Hogur here.

Mr. Rockscrubber, you star in the downloadable 3D puzzle game from Spelagon, Heavy Hogur, where you travel through the mountains and islands of a land called Ivereth to explore caves, collect crystals, discover buried treasure and recover legendary artifacts. According to our notes you weigh enough to make parts of the land crumble after you step off it. Our readers like to meet the virtual people starring in the games they plan to download to their PCs or Mac computers so we appreciate your willingness to answer our questions.

1. What is a Rockscrubber? Did one of your ancestors scrub rocks for a living? What’s your middle name?

We Rockscrubbers are proud descendants of Tyndol Rockscrubber one of the mightiest rock scrubbers in dwarven history. All dwarves loves rocks but some seem content with any drab rock you can find, but not us Rockscrubbers. We like to bring out the very best from the rocks, polish it until it shines like diamonds! An Ive got no “middle” name. Sonds like something those pointyear elves would come up with,.. middle name tsk.. (more…)

Puzzle Moppet Game Download

The indie game developer Garnet Games released Puzzle Moppet, a downloadable 3D Puzzle game for the PC and Linux for $14.95. You have to help the Moppet, lost, alone, sad and depressed in space, find its way home.

Puzzle Moppet Game Download


Buy Puzzle Moppet

Puzzle Moppet Game Download

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