Heavy Hogur Game Review

Heavy Hogur Game Review by Jerry Curtis
Heavy Hogur Game Rating: 5/5

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Heavy Hogur is a gorgeous 3D rendered experience and challenges the game player’s mind. As the adorable little hairball Hogur mines crystals in a wide variety of “caves,” puzzle aficionados will love its truly superior and increasingly difficult levels. Download and buy Heavy Hogur and it will stay in your inventory a very long time because it is so challenging and difficult. (more…)

Voxatron Action Game Trailer

Lexaloffle released the latest trailer for their upcoming downloadable arena shooter game called Voxatron which they will plan to push live later this year. Lexaloffle employs voxel-based graphics for this downloadable shooter game which takes place in a world made of voxels which are little cubes. Voxatron looks like it will be a very fun, addicting and unique game to play.

Lexaloffle has also created Chocolate Castle ($11.99), Jasper’s Journey ($11.99), Neko Puzzle ($7.99), and Zen Puzzle Garden for $11.99.

MiniOne Racing – Pay What You Want

MiniOne Racing Pay What You Want

Frogames, an indie game developer, have joined the pay what you want business model faction for their downloadable racing game called MiniOne Racing. MiniOne Racing offers players a 3D racing and we would say balancing game. The game player doesn’t simply race around a track which you will discover on the first level. MiniOne Racing’s opening level requires the game player to race and balance along a narrow wooden dock above water. We fell off 6 times in the first 2 minutes of track. Consumers can download Minione Racing for their PC or Mac and they get to pay what they want.

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Here’s the game trailer:

MiniOne Racing Trailer from Frogames on Vimeo.

Armoured and Dangerous PC Strategy Game

Armoured and Dangerous Strategy Game Download

Phantasm Game Studios released their downloadable PC Tank (think boom boom) oriented Strategy Game called Armoured and Dangerous for $9.97. Armoured and Dangerous offers three modes of game play:

1. Capture The Flag, during which the player must destroy enemy oil rigs before the enemy
destroys to the player’s.

2. Death Match, during which the player must crush all enemy tanks.

3. Search and Destroy, as the name suggests this mode requires the player to ‘search and destroy’
the stronghold of the opponents, while protecting your own. (more…)

Heavy Hogur Puzzle Platform Game

Spelagon released Heavy Hogur, a downloadable 3D Puzzle Platform game featuring a viking dwarf named Hogur Rockscrubber who wields his axe while traveling through the mountains and islands of Ivereth. Ivereth tends to produce a disproportionate amount of our favorite game heroes plus we heard they produce excellent bagels. Rockscrubber explores caves, collects crystals and avoids crumbling rocks. The game offers unique game play and addicting puzzles. Heavy Hogur can step on a rock once. Once he steps off the rock crumbles and Rockscrubber needs to find a new rock to travel. The game player must plan each level ahead in their mind because they will die and have to restart the level.

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Heavy Hogur Puzzle Platform Game

Heavy Hogur Game Play Video:

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