High Maintainenance Funny 420 Pot Show

High Maintenance Funny 420 Comedy Show

High Maintenance Funny 420 Comedy Show

Imagine if Nancy Botwin, the heroine of Showtime’s Weeds, created and produced by Jenji Kohan, delivered her fragrant leafy green product driving around Brooklyn, NY on a bike rather than in her SUV in Southern California. Now picture Ms. Botwin was a mid 30’s wiry bearded male rather than an attractiv late 30s intelligent but emotionally wounded female brunette. Rather than watching the hijinks Ms Botwin’s family and friends experience pretend each episode of Weeds focused on the life of Ms. Botwin’s customer for that episode.

That’s the basic premise “High Maintenance” a comedy show found Vimeo. You can watch the first thirteen videos for free and then pay $1.99 for the next six episodes. Its your call if you think its worth it. You can watch the first episode below.

A Bud Of Marijuana Interviews the Word “Nowhere” About Marco Rubio’s Future

A Bud Of Marijuana Interviews the Concept of "Nowhere About Marco Rubio's Future"

Daniel Larison, a writer for The American Conservative and Politico, wrote a post about Florida Senator Marco Rubio suggesting in the sub head that “Marco Rubio is going nowhere”. I, Sativa Sue, a beautiful fragrant bud of Sativa Marjiuana interviewed the concept “Nowhere” to get its thoughts on Marco Rubio’s future. (more…)

Getting Doug with High Funny Web Show

We came across this funny web show on Youtube called Getting Doug with High starring Doug Benson, a comedian who invites guests like Aubrey Plaza, Jenny Slate and Matt Walsh (VEEP) to consume marijuana while they discuss the guests high history and general small talk involving the 420 lifestyle. Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, the stars of Broad City on Comedy Central stop by the show with Reggie Watts from Comedy Bang Bang on the episode embedded above.

You can watch Getting Doug With High on Youtube through this link.