Outlands 8 Bit Cartoon Episode 3

In the third episode of Outlands, an 8 Bit cartoon created by Adam de la Pena, the crew of Titanic II, find themselves rescued on a planet by the handsomest man in universe named after a real actor. Check it out.

Outlands Episode 2 Space Sickness

Felicia Day, creator of The Guild and Geek & Sundry, guest stars in the second episode of Outlands called Space Sickness. Adam da la Pena created Outlands which centers around a team of rookie space warriors in complete control of an exploratory space vessel/killing machine. Geek & Sundry are the producers of Outlands.

Outlands 8 Bit Cartoon Debuts on Geek & Sundry

Outlands, a fun 8 Bit cartoon created by Adam da la Pena, made its debut on Geek & Sundry today as part of Youtube’s Geek Week. Outlands centers around the rookie crew who suddenly find themselves in control of an exploratory space vessel called Titantic II. The characters are voiced by Dana Snyder, Jason Zumwalt, Adam da la Pena and Andrew Racho.