StarBounder Game on iOS and Android

Cupertino, California based Studio Radko released Starbounder, a 3D space arcade game for iOS and Android. Consumers can install Starbounder on their IPhones, IPads and Android devices for $1.99. Studio Radko offers both SD and HD versions of Starbounder. (more…)

Centipede Origins iOS and Android Game Download

Does anyone remember playing Atari’s Centipede in the arcade or your local diner? Have you ever wanted to play Centipede during your commute or while you are sitting on the toilet? We have good news for you. Consumers can now play Centipede on the IPhones, IPads and their Android devices. Atari released a version of Centripede with some enhancements called Centipede: Origins on the iOS and Android platforms for $0.99. (more…)

Great Big War Game Trailer

Would you like to see a military general wearing tidy whitey underwear? Maybe not. Would you like to see the trailer to the sequel of one best strategy war video games released in the last few years? Rubicon Development unleashed this game trailer above for the sequel to their award winning strategy war game called “Great Little War Game”. They have creatively named the sequel “Great Big War Game” which features the General as well as many of the same characters from the first game. (more…)

Dark Nebula out on Android

Free Lunch Designs released Dark Nebula, originally created by Anders Hejdenberg on the Google Play Android Platform for $0.99. Amazon App Store Android users can also buy Dark Nebula for the same price. Free Lunch Designs first released Dark Nebula on the iOS platform. (more…)

Back Nomsters Game on Kickstarter

You have 20 plus hours left to back Nomsters, a fast paced arcade puzzle game from New York based indie game studio Large Animal Games, on KickStarter. (more…)

Graffiti Heaven iOS Android Puzzle Game

Are you looking to increase your level of patience and focus? Graffiti Heaven, a puzzle game for the iOS and Android platforms will definitely help you do this if you stick with it. A group of Italian game development students who call themselves “Just Another Indie Game Company” collaborated to release Graffiti Heaven this week. Graffiti Heaven costs $.99 for IPhone, IPad and IPod Touch and $0.99 for Android version.

Graffiti Heaven iOS Game Download $0.99

Graffiti Heaven Android Game Download $0.99

In Graffiti Heaven a graffiti artist’s soul gets trapped in graffiti after his death. You must free his soul by repainting graffiti art tilting your device to guide the paint brush along its path. If the paint brush travels outside the art you must restart the level. Graffiti Heaven features art from actual graffiti artists. Graffiti Heaven offers an unhurried game play experience. Buy this game if you want to help enhance your children’s patience.

Mechadroids Free Android Game Download

Cracker from Mechadroid

Cracker from Mechadroids

Deadworld Studios, a small UK based independent games company released Mechadroids a free-to-play, menu-based, massively multiplayer mech combat game with a satirical twist. (more…)

Busted Prototype Android Game Download

Mentalwarp Games released three screenshots and a new prototype version of Busted! for Android Devices. MentalWarp Games describes Busted as an arcade game in which you drive your ship through futuristic tube-like highways and while avoiding the local law enforcement. The game play looks interesting although we wished for something more than avoiding the local police as the objective.

Busted Android Game Download

Busted Android Game Download

Busted Android Game Screenshot

Busted Android Game Download

Captain Skyro iOS and Android Game Download

Team Pok Pok, a Sydney based indie game development team released Captain Skyro, a physics puzzle game for the iOS and Android platforms for $0.99. In the game Captain Skyro, the captain’s “team” executed a mutiny booting him off their sky ship. You must guide Captain Skyro from cloud to cloud to help his rise through the sky to recapture his ship. You do this by flinging him using a similar mechanic to Angry Birds except you aim vertically rather than horizontally. You pull back aim and let go. Each cloud contains a wooden dowel he must catch his hook on. If he misses he falls. If he falls often enough you lose and the game ends. We don’t see anything super innovative in this game but like many mobile games priced a $0.99 playing Captain Skyro could kill time when are on commuting, waiting on a line, or taking a dump.

Captain Skyro iOS Game Download $0.99

Captain Skyro Android Game Download $0.99

Here’s the description from Team Pok Pok:

“A mutiny has been staged and the captain has been forced to walk the plank. The Captain Skyro game takes you on a swashbuckling adventure through the clouds. Pirates, treasure and challenging enemies abound as you climb your way into the sky to reclaim your ship.

The mobile game consists of 40 levels spanning across 4 worlds. Progressing through the game, you will be introduced to new and evolving environments as well as dynamic and tricky enemies as you make your way to the top of each world to challenge the pirate boss.

With the initial release on the Android Market, Captain Skyro is now available for iPhone and iPad. The iOS version also has Game Center support to track achievements and compare high scores with your friends.

Captain Skyro’s gameplay is both fun and accessible while each level requires speed, skill and strategy to avoid the enemies, collect the treasure and complete the challenges. With unfolding levels of difficulty Capitan Skyro is a challenge and a delight for game players of all ages and skill levels.

Captain Skyro iOS Game Download $0.99

Captain Skyro Android Game Download $0.99

Slingo Daily Challenge Android Game Download

New Jersey based game company Slingo released Slingo Daily Challenge on the Android Platform priced at $1.99. How many video game companies can call New Jersey their home? Slingo combines Bingo with a slot machine game mechanic.

Slingo Daily Challenge Game Description from Slingo: Connecting the online world with the mobile one, the new app lets players add any Slingo Coins earned via the app to their online account, where they can then use them to enter sweepstakes for a chance to win cash prizes. Slingo Daily Challenge now joins the company’s iOS app, Slingo Supreme, which is currently the #1 Casino App on iTunes. (more…)

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