Plight of the Zombies Coming to iOS and Android Spring 2012

Finally a game worthy of zombie lovers tired of seeing zombies die at the hands of crazed humans. Spark Plug Games anounced their plans to release Plight of the Zombies on the iOS and Android platforms later this summer.

Here’s a partial description of Plight of the Zombies from the folks at Spark Plug Games:

:All we ask is that you to check out our cause and help end zombie hunger. There are those among us who are misunderstood. They’re rejected by society and even killed, just for being who they are! It’s time to walk a mile in someone else’s shoe, or in this instance, someone’s deceased and quite undead shoe as you feel the everlasting pangs of hunger.

You know what it’s like to be counting down the clock to lunchtime, absolutely craving a burger (or veggie burger). Just imagine that feeling every day. And instead of burgers, you want brains. It could happen, right?

“Zombie hunger is a real epidemic and one that we take very seriously here at Spark Plug Games,” said John O’Neill, carnivorous President of Spark Plug Games. “We have invested heavily into the cure for zombie hunger in this yummy game, and we hope it solves the plight of zombies everywhere.”

Plight of the Zombie features:
● Play over 30 deliciously brainy puzzles
● Be one with your inner zombie. As you nom on yummy brains
● Support a savory cause by helping end zombie hunger
● Appetizing store with plenty of tasteful accessories for your zombies
● Available initially on Android platforms by Q2 2012, iOS by Q3
● It’s free! Some people say there’s no such thing as a free lunch. We beg to differ…”

We look forward to playing Plight of the Zombies when it becomes available for download.

MeatBot Upcoming Mobile Game Trailer

“AMAZING MeatBot!” Trailer (iPhone/Android/mobile game) from Milkman Games on Vimeo.

We came across this game trailer for MeatBot from San Francisco based indie game developer Milkman Games. The game features an anti veggy robot named Meatbot who clearly prefers meat for his nourishment. The game play looks interesting with some original mechanics and some influenced from games like Fruit Ninja. You flick Meatbot’s head to allow the meat to fly into his mouth and let the head drop to block the veggies from gaining entrance into Meatbot’s oral orifice. You will also be able to slice the veggies in half a la Fruit Ninja. MeatBot comes out April 19th on multiple platforms: iOS, Kindle, Android, BlackBerry, Nook and HP’s Web OS. Prices are TBD.

Spring Bonus Puzzle Game Out On Mobile – iOS, Android and Nook

Vancouver, Canada based Grey Alien Games partnered with Hot Head Games to publish Spring Bonus, their seasonal themed match three puzzle game on iOS, Android and Nook devices. Summer Bonus offers match 3 puzzle lovers a spring themed game featuring cuddly bunnies, carrots, different colored Easter Eggs, carrots and flowers. Spring Bonus’ game play may not be the most unique in the world but if you like match 3 puzzle games you will like this one. We started playing the pc version and before we know it an hour passed by. Match 3 puzzle games hypnotize us. iOS users can get Spring Bonus for free with paid upgrades while Android and Nook users will have to pay $1.99. Kindle Fire and Windows Phone users can also by Spring Bonus for $1.99.

Spring Bonus Nook Puzzle Game Download $1.99

Spring Bonus Free iOS Puzzle Game Download

Android Phone
Spring Bonus Android Puzzle Game Download $1.99

Kindle Fire
Spring Bonus Kindle Fire Puzzle Game Download $1.99

Windows Phone
Spring Bonus Windows Phone Puzzle Game Download $1.99

Temple Run Out On Android Today

Imangi Studios released Temple Run, a well known treasure hunter running style game, for “select” Android devices. Temple Run requires Android version 2.1 and higher. The Android marketplace will auto-detect the compatibility with your Android device when you connect. In Temple Run you direct the main character, who looks kind of like Indiana Jones, escape from an ancient temple as crazy dark colored creatures chase him. You make him avoid obstacles by directing him to slide jump or stick to the side of the escape route. Temple Run climbed to the top of the iOS app charts when Imangi Studios first released the game which costs nothing on Android. Fans of the Temple Run game created the above trailer for the fictional Temple Run Movie. If you like fast paced action think on your feet games you will enjoy Temple Run.

Temple Run Free Android Game Download

Angry Birds Space Game Download

Rovio, Rovio where at thou? Pigs and Birds in space. NASA involvement. Rovio released Angry Birds Space for multiple platforms – iOS, Android, PC and Mac. Somehow Rovio transported Angry Birds and innocent pigs in space where the birds take their anger issues out on the sweet little pigs. For those of you who haven’t been to space the laws of gravity and physics work differently than on our planet. For example when you fling an Angry bird on earth at first the bird rises towards the target but the Angry Bird’s rate of elevation slows to the point it starts to drop. In Angry Birds Space the Angry Birds will move in a straight line unless something changes it collides with an object like a moon or satellite to change its direction. (more…)

Monster of Puppets Android IPhone Game Trailer

Italian indie game developer Drakker Dev released this teaser trailer for their upcoming Unity game called Monster of Puppets planned for both Android and the iOS platforms some time soon. In Monster of Puppets, you must help Charlie, the main character repel puppets invading from outer space. The concept sounds promising. (more…)

Angry Birds Space Game Download

Rovio, with the help of NASA scientist Don Pettit, announced a March 22 launch date for the next chapter in the Angry Birds saga called “Angry Birds Space”. Somehow the pigs and birds have escalated their battle royal to earth’s orbit. The Angry Birds Space game player will have to take the physics of space into consideration when trying to demolish the helpless cute friendly wouldn’t stab you in the back pigs. It looks like Rovio will release Angry Birds Space for iOS, Android, PC and the Mac all on March 22nd.

We have to ask haven’t the birds had enough “so called” revenge?

Temple Run Coming to Android March 27th

Independent game developers Imangi Studios announced plans to release Temple Run, a great running platform game, on the Android platform March 27th in a free to play model. You guide the main Indiana Jones type character as he escapes a Temple on the run down ancient walls and along sheer cliffs. You have to swipe your device to make sharp turns, avoid obstacles, collect coins to see how far he can run.

You can find more information about Imangi Studios at their web site.

In case you own an iOS device you download Temple Run at the ITunes app store link.

Sprinkle iOS Physics Puzzle Game Download

Angry Birds meets Where’s My Water” describes Sprinkle, a physics puzzle game from Mediocre Studios. You must use a water cannon mounted on a crane to fight fires, move obstacles, spin wheels and activate traps. If you like Angry Birds or Where’s My Water you will like this game. (more…)

Mr Legs Android Game Download

Mr Legs Android Platform Game

James Games, described as a UK based new independent micro studio released Mr Legs, a interesting and unique platform game for Android for $0.99. The game features Mr Legs, the best cherry picker in the land. The Mr Legs game player must adjust his height by increasing or shortening the length of his legs as he traverses the platform collecting cherries. (more…)

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