Romantic Encounters Episode 4: Gary Calamari

Romantic Encounters from My Damn Channel centers on the romantic life of Melinda Hill, an Los Angeles based stand-up comedian. Episode 4 find Melinda meeting a blind date who turns out to be a Cuban male working in the pharmaceutical trade. At least his name isn’t Carlos Danger.

Breaking Bad New Villain According to Conan

Check out Conan’s commentary on Breaking Bad’s new villain.

Outlands Episode 2 Space Sickness

Felicia Day, creator of The Guild and Geek & Sundry, guest stars in the second episode of Outlands called Space Sickness. Adam da la Pena created Outlands which centers around a team of rookie space warriors in complete control of an exploratory space vessel/killing machine. Geek & Sundry are the producers of Outlands.

Love Me Cat Talk Show Debuts on My Damn Channel

The Love Me Cat show debuted on My Damn Channel with Andy Richter as their first guest. The show stars a cat puppet who interviews guests like Mr Richter. Eric Kaplan, a Big Bang Theory Writer and Andy Bobrow, a Community writer created Love Me Cat. The puppet cast includes Owly, Bronzo the Robot – musician/drummer and Sheepy the only regular audience member.

Indie Life Episode 2: Publishers

Tim Keenan, Indie Game developer and owner of Misfits Attic, released the second episode of his funny puppet video series called Indie Life. The series tells the story, using puppets, of an Indie game developer and his experiences with different people who work in the video game economic ecosystem. Episode 2 Publishers shows the conversation between the indie game creator and a representative from a prospective publisher.

Ghost Ghirls from Jack Black and Yahoo

The actor commonly known as Jack Black is producing a new comedy called Ghost Ghirls about a pair of slightly functional female ghost buster like characters. Ghost Ghirls will debut on Yahoo Screen later in 2013. You should be able to play the video in on an iOS or Android Tablet. It looks funny.

You may see a few famous faces like Jake Johnson (New Girl), Dave Ghorl (Foo Fighters), Val Kilmer, and the great Molly Shannon (SNL).