New Apps: Mad Doc Geometric Puzzle, Cleen, DoDo Master




Here’s today’s list of apps out for your mobile pleasure.


    1. Mad Doc Geometric Puzzle (iOS, Android)



    2. Cleen (iOS only) The fastest way to clean up your photo library – with just swipes.



    3. DoDo Master (iOS, Android)


New Apps: Heroes & Legends, YouMe, Road Smash 2

Here’s today’s list of new apps.


    1. Heroes & Legends: Conquerors of Kolhar (iOS, Android)


    2. YouMe – No cost video and image effects (iOS only)



    3. Road Smash 2 (Android)


Color Zen Puzzle Game on iOS and Android

NY based Large Animal Games released Color Zen, another great puzzle game for the iOS and Android platforms back in June but we missed the launch thanks to an alien abduction. :O)

Large Animal Games uses three key ingredients in Color Zen: bright colors, geometric shapes and relaxing ambient music. You merge like colors together by drag them into each to flood the screen with that color. The Color Zen player aims to flood the screen with the border color. The game plays brilliantly. The game doesn’t keep score which helps with the relaxation factor. Puzzle lovers will enjoy Color Zen.

Color Zen costs $0.99 and you can buy different color packs at various price points.

Color Zen on Google Play $0.99

Color Zen on iOS $0.99

Rise of the Blobs 3D Puzzle game

The blobs are rising and they are quite colorful. An indie game studio called Robot Invader created Rise of the Blobs, a free 3D puzzle game playable on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. Robot Invaders decided to use the free to play business model for Rise of the Blobs with in app purchases.

Rise of the Blobs iOS Free Puzzle Game Download

Rise of the Blobs Free Android Puzzle Game Download

The player must drop different colored fruit onto the same colored blobs. Then you explode the blog with the fruit by tapping it which also causes the same colored blobs directly next to the blob to burst. You rotate the blobs around the column to hit the highest row of blobs before they reach the column’s top. Players of Rise of the Blobs can earn different power-ups like fruit hammers and coconut bombs.

Rise of the Blobs offers a fun unique game experience even with the in app purchases.

Mosaique Excellent iOS Android Puzzle Game

We came across many great games at Casual Connect San Francisco, a casual games trade show this week including Mosaique, a puzzle game from Winning Blimp. You must clear all tiles in each level by rotating the cursor around the play area and shooting (the tiles). Clear blocks of the same color.

Mosaique iOS Puzzle Game Download $0.99

Mosaique Android Puzzle Game Download $0.99

You will need to pay attention to the shot gauge which you charge by clearing tiles of the same color but if the gauge falls to zero the game ends. If the gauge hits 100% you can clear tiles of any color. Mosaique perplexes us, in a good way. Puzzle lovers will enjoy Mosaique which costs $0.99 and can be played on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Space Janitors Season 2 Finale: Fish Planet Part 2

As the summer goes on so do the lives of Darby (Brendan O’Halloran) and Mike (Pat Thorton), the main characters in Space Janitors, a Star Wars parody and one of our favorite web comedy TV Shows whose final episode of its sophomore season debuted today at Geek & Sundry. Davin Lengyei and Geoff Lapaire created Space Janitors. (more…)

Ghost Ghirls from Jack Black and Yahoo

The actor commonly known as Jack Black is producing a new comedy called Ghost Ghirls about a pair of slightly functional female ghost buster like characters. Ghost Ghirls will debut on Yahoo Screen later in 2013. You should be able to play the video in on an iOS or Android Tablet. It looks funny.

You may see a few famous faces like Jake Johnson (New Girl), Dave Ghorl (Foo Fighters), Val Kilmer, and the great Molly Shannon (SNL).

Comedy Central Standup Specials for $5.00

The Comedy Central team decided to sell a bunch of their standup specials for $5.00. The specials are playable on most platforms including the PC, iOS, Android, Mac, XBOX 360, Playstation and Wii U. Check this page for the complete system requirements.

We have included links to the participating comedians Comedy Central individual pages below: (more…)

Temple Run 2 out on Android and Amazon

The dynamic wife and husband team of Natalia and Keith at Imangi Studios released Temple Run 2 on Android/Google Play and Amazon Store today. They released Temple Run 2 for the iPhone and iPad earlier this week.

Pete the Primate shared his funny thoughts on Temple Run 2 with us. When asked for a comment on the Android release of Temple Run 2 Pete the Primate said, “Its about frakkin time, everyone and I mean everyone knows Android has at least twice the install base as iOS.”

Temple Run 2 to the Google Play/Android store

Temple Run 2 link to the Amazon store

Temple Run 2 Link on iTunes

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