Funny Animated Video Series: A Fowl American

A Fowl American – Funny Animated Video Series

Check out A Fowl American, a veryfunny animated video series created by Greg Cipes and Kevin Coulston.  You can watch it on the tube that is you aka Youtube. In this episode President Rump has a three way call with Russian President Pootin and North Korean Leader Pig Jong Un.

People Watching (Friends Meets Black Mirror) on Cracked

People Watching on

People Watching on

A new animated comedy video series called “People Watching” will debut on February 15th. Created by Winston Rowntree, author of the web comix Subnormality, People Watching is a character-driven animated comedy anthology, centering around a unique group of twenty somethings in a series of humorous and heartfelt short stories about trying to find acceptance, romance and sanity. (more…)

Todd Blog # 2: Responds to Comments

Todds Blog 2:  Responds To Twitter Posts

Todds Blog 2: Responds To Twitter Posts

Todd, the animated video blogger, is at it again. In this funny animated video he responds to comments left by users.

Steve Ice – Animated Silicon Valley Satire Kickstarter

Ice, Ice Baby. Oh. Not that Ice. Its Steve Ice, Silicon Valley’s first animated satire out raising money via Kickstarter. Alex Hagelis and Alvis Brigis created Steve Ice. They aspire to poke fun of Silicon Valley in the vein of South Park, The Simpsons and Family Guy. As someone who has witnessed many crazy happenings in Silicon Valley business we don’t they will run out of material, ever, even after mankind stops walking the earth.

Funny Breaking Bad Animated Star Trek Video

The Badger character from Breaking Bad wrote this epically funny Star Trek animated video. A gentleman named Matt Czap really wrote the video which Vulture animated. We didn’t know Vulture’s could animate.

Awesomes Episodes 1 and 2 on Hulu

Hulu released episodes one and two of The Awesomes, a cartoon about the second generation of Superheroes originally started by Mr Awesome (Steve Higgins) who reluctantly hands the reins of the team to his son Prock (Seth Myers).

In the first two episodes Prock has 72 hours to rebuild the Awesomes with a new gang. You can watch The Awesomes legally for free on your PC and Mac at Hulu but you have to subscribe to Hulu Plus to watch The Awesomes on your iPad, iPhone or Android device. (more…)

Indie Life Episode 2: Publishers

Tim Keenan, Indie Game developer and owner of Misfits Attic, released the second episode of his funny puppet video series called Indie Life. The series tells the story, using puppets, of an Indie game developer and his experiences with different people who work in the video game economic ecosystem. Episode 2 Publishers shows the conversation between the indie game creator and a representative from a prospective publisher.

The Awesomes Animated Debut Trailer

Hulu debuted the first trailer for the Awesomes, a new animated series coming to their service August 1. The Awesomes centers on a team of misfit super heroes led by Prock Awesome (Seth Myers) who must fight evil and do good. Bill Hader, Taran Killiam, Bobby Lee, Josh Myers, Kenan Thompson, Steve Higgins, Paula Pell, Ike Barinholtz and Emily Spivey round out the main voice cast.