Funny Video – SDK Hell

Find out what happens when Ivan the app developer meets Susan, a representative of the Super Duper Ad Network in this funny animated video authored by John Busher.

Appboy Customer Engagement Platform For APP Developers

Here’s an interview with Appboy, a mobile app customer engagement platform company we met at the APP Nation Conference held in San Francisco in mid December They have raised 2.5MM in funding from Blumberg Capital, T5 Capital, Metamorphic Ventures, Accelerator Ventures and Bullpen Capital. (more…)

The Search Toobar Business Model Comes to Android

StartApp Android App Monetization

StartApp Android App Monetization

This post marks the launch of a new section dedicated to helping app developers grow their audience and revenue, and ultimately the the life time value of their users.

Have you ever developed a downloadable app for the PC, listed it on sites like, Tucows and Softonic? Did sales reps and business development folks from companies like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Ask, Conduit, Spigot and other tool bar providers bombard you with emails and calls begging you to add their toolbar to your apps install flow? (more…)