Yachty Free iOS Dice Game Download

Yahtzee iOS Game Download

Rubicon Mobile released Yachty, free ad supported dice game based on Yahtzee for the IPhone, IPad and IPod Touch priced at $0.00 (We said its free). The rules follow Yahtzee’s rules. We wonder how long will it take Hasbro to shut this game down. Hasbro owns the Yahtzee brand. (more…)

Save the Pencil iOS Game Download

Perfect Dimension released Save The Pencil, an unoriginal puzzle game for iPhone/iPod Touch for $0.99. The game player must “Save the pencil” by connecting the dots, green to yellow to black to red, while avoiding obstacles like paper clips and rulers. Where’s the creativity? (more…)

Diamond Dash Free iOS Game Download

Wooga released Diamond Dash, their popular Facebook arcade game as a free download for the IPhone, IPod Touch, and IPad. Diamond Dash combines Bejeweled with Collapse, slaps on a 60 second time limit to make a very addicting game. Consumers can buy gold through in app purchases to extend their lives in the game (more…)

Imbalanced Free iOS Android Platform Game Download

Sebastian Tobler, a Swiss based indie game developer created in one day a free mobile platform game called Imbalanced for the iOS and Android platforms. The game player directs the black character hop from column to column by taping the screen as it scrolls, fairly quickly, from left to right. As Sebastian says this is a super simple but challenging game but it can get boring quickly unless you enjoy playing a game exclusively to hunt for the highest score.


Dragons Vs. Unicorns Game Trailer

Digital Harmony Games released the first game play video for Dragons vs. Unicorns, a multiplayer video game they are developing for multiplatforms – iOS, Android Smartphones & Tablets, and PC & Mac browsers which they plan to release in 2012. This video includes a kitten who belongs to team Unicorn, fighting the deadly Turtle who represents team Dragon. (more…)

Bejeweled and Bejeweled Blitz IPhone Game Download

Bejeweled Blitz Screenshot

Popcap released new updates of Bejeweled and Bejeweled Blitz for the IPhone and the IPod Touch. The new Bejeweled costs $0.99 while Popcap released Bejeweled Blitz using the freemium model. Consumers get the Blitz mode of Bejeweled, with new graphics and smoother gameplay, entirely for free. Consumers can purchase coins to buy in-game power-ups (‘boosts’), but they don’t have to spend anything at all if the choose and they’ll earn coins simply by playing for free. We will post the links to the ITunes North American Store when they magically appear in our ITunes application. (more…)

Angry Chickens iOS Game Download

Angry Chickens iOS Game Screenshot

Angry Birds, Angry Zombies, Angry Bomb, Angry Hippo, Angry Frogs, Angry King Kong, Angry Viking, and now Paulo Reis and Digital Minds released Angry Chickens, both in lite and paid versions on Apple’s iOS platform both for the IPhone and IPad not to be confused with the Angry Chicken game available in the Android Marketplace which isn’t the same game. (more…)

Hyperspace Pinball Lite IPhone IPad Game Download

Gamieon released a lite version of their Pinball game Hyperspace Pinball originally released for the IPhone and IPad for $0.99.

Gamieon’s Hyperspace Lite Description:

Starting from deep space, you fight your way through levels packed with aliens that try to stop you! Did we mention there are boss battles, and
an ultimate showdown at the end? Of course we didn’t! Don’t worry; you have the tools to fight back! Just pick up as many floating Power-Ups as
you can to make your Interstellar alien-smashing light ball (Now with 20% more light!) powerful enough to tear through several aliens at a time. If you’re skilled enough to get them, you can also take advantage of mega bonus points, multiball, extra balls, replays, and more! If
you’re a REALLY good player, you can unlock new features; including playing from different points of view, extra balls in multiball, and
colorful light trails that follow your Interstellar alien-smashing light ball (Now with 20% more light!). You can even brag your achievements to
your friends over the largest mobile social network available: HeyZap! (more…)

Gaslight iOS Android Strategy Game

Pixofactor released Gaslight a free to play steampunk themed strategy game for both the iOS and Android platforms. The game trailer above acts only as a teaser and doesn’t show any element of the game play which leads us to believe the game doesn’t offer much new in terms of game play. Our experience with Gaslight so far reinforces this conclusion. The game takes place in a land called Eastland where two groups, The Coalition and The Underground, fight over natural resources. Our experience with Gaslight so far reinforces this conclusion. Players must build empires and armies one building at a time. (more…)

Puzzled Rabbit IPhone/IPad/IPod Touch and Android Game Download

Pixel Elephant released Puzzled Rabbit, a sokoban style puzzle game for the IPhone, IPad, IPod Touch and Android platforms priced at $0.99. Players help a rabbit move boxes around 200 levels. Not a very original game concept. Puzzled Rabbit also comes in an HD version on the IPad. (more…)

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