Harry Balls Bathing Suit Edition Preview

Harry Balls Bathing Suit Edition Preview - Panda from Talking Bear Hugs

Harry Balls Bathing Suit Edition Preview - Panda from Talking Bear Hugs

Prior to the release of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition their PR team made sure everyone and their mother knew the lengths they went to conduct a photo shoot with Kate Upton at Antarctica. Well frakk them. The nutty HarryBalls team conducted our Bathing Suit Edition photo shoot in space and on Mars. How do you like them apples Sports Illustrated?

The HarryBalls Bathing Suit Edition features characters from select apps and video games posing in their bath suit. We released a preview of the 2013 HarryBalls Bathing Suit Edition and the image features The Panda from the Talking Bear Hugs app created by Australian based App Village.

The Talking Bear Hugs app offers consumers a fun way to send virtual hugs to their contacts, friends, enemies and political opponents. Consumers can download and use the Talking Bear Hugs app for free but they have to pay $0.99 for additional characters like The Panda.

We will release the complete Bathing Suit Edition later this month.

HarryBalls.com Bathing Suit Edition 2011

GiantBombshell Tiny Defense

Why should supermodels have all the fun in the sun posing for magazines like Maxim, Sports Illustrated, Stuff and FHM Magazine? Why are they called super? Has a super model ever saved the world? I guess some may call Zoolander a super model and he did save the Prime Minister of Malaysia from Mugatu.

Aren’t video game characters at least as important to our society as supermodels? They save the world all the time. Don’t these same video game characters have the right to be photographed while prancing around in their favorite bathing suits like these so called “super” models?

The cracked team at HarryBalls.com, a seriously irreverent video game news and information site invited.. actually begged, a special select group of video game characters to a glamorous tropical island for the first annual HarryBalls Bathing Suit Edition photo shoot. Who participated? Well..

An Orc, A Package, A Robot, A Worm, A General, A Demon, A Hungrible, One Penguin, A Sheep, An Arcade Hero, Two Jellies and Two Everhungries and Another Penguin and a Mudling.

Were they any divas amongst them? We won’t tell but super models aren’t the only demanding people in the world.

HarryBalls Wants Your Game Characters in Bathing Suits

Worms Bikini Screenshot

Are you a game developer with a sense of humor?

Would you like to participate in a free fun promotion designed to build awareness of your game and to help you acquire users?

Seek no more. We have the answer. HarryBalls.com plans to publish a special new section called to The Harry Balls Bathing Suit Edition which will gently make fun of traditional media’s swimsuit editions while promoting upcoming video games and entertaining the gaming consumer.

Imagine seeing a tank in a thong or an zombie in a bikini. How about an Orc in a one piece bathing suit?

What makes an image funny?

a. Putting a swimsuit on a video game character who wouldn’t normally wear a swimsuit. i.e. A space alien, Orc, Zombie, a tank

b. Putting a swimsuit like a bikini or thong on a game character that wouldn’t be expected to wear a bikini if the character were to wear a swimsuit.

c. Putting a swimsuit designed in the 20’s on a modern or futuristic video game character.

d. Putting the character in the swimsuit in a pose only a swimsuit model use.

e. Posing a character in a poorly fitted swimsuit.

Cliff Harris, owner of the UK based indie game company Positech Games said “This sounds truly awesome.”

Patrick Hudson, CEO of Robot Entertainment said “I like the idea.”

The Harry Balls Bathing Suit Edition will reside on the HarryBalls.com site. It will only appear on the HarryBalls.com site and not in any print magazines. Participation on the Harry Balls Bathing Suit edition is free for game developers. The character can come from a game on any platform – mobile, IPad, IPhone, PC, Mac, XBLA, XBox 360, DS, etc in an game genre.

HarryBalls.com will include information about each game including features and links to purchase/download the games. Game developers should send the 600 x 400 image of their character (s) in their bathing suit to hb AT harryballsdotcom by October 15th, 2011.