The Internet Must Go – Funny Video Net Neutrality

Here’s a funny video from Move On about the net neutrality issue. This is the most important free speech issue since the the creation of the establishment of free speech way back in the late 1770s. Warning: It’s 90 minutes long.

New Mike Judge Show Silicon Valley Season 1 Trailer from HBO

Here’s the trailer for a new Mike Judge show called “Silicon Valley” which we assume will satirize Silicon Valley. Mr. Judge created Beavis & Butthead, Office Space and King of the Hill. The HarryBalls team wonders if someone who hasn’t worked in Silicon Valley will capture the satire properly. It’s definitely a unique place to work and live. Silicon Valley debuts on HBO April 6th.

Comedian TJ Miller and Martin Star seem to be the most well known folks in the show.

Funny Presidents Day Videos According to Tricky Dick Nixon’s Chin

Funny Presidents Day Videos According to Tricky Dick Nixon's Chin

Funny Presidents Day Videos According to Tricky Dick Nixon's Chin

In honor of President’s Day, the semi-esteemed editorial team asked me, Tricky Dick Nixon’s chin, to select the funniest Presidential comedy videos. Of course after my owner Richard “I’m Not Crook” Nixon was the best President but George Washington and Abraham Lincoln did a pretty good job in the oval office. I found six funny presidential videos which I hope entertain you. (more…)

Chris Christie’s Blue Fleece Interviews The State of the Union Address

Chris Christie's Blue Fleece Interviews SOTUS

Chris Christie's Blue Fleece Interviews SOTUS

Yo! My name is Fleece. Blue fleece. But you should call me Mr. Blue. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie wore me during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy when he “conspired” with President Barack Obama to sabotage Mitt Romney’s Presidential campaign by reaching across the aisle to “cooperate” with Obama as they jointly surveyed the damage and comforted victims of the hurricane. Imagine a sitting Governor cooperating with the President of the United States to help citizens recover from a major natural disaster. What a horror! (that’s sarcasm, you fuck) Who the freak does he think he is? (more…)

Sidewalk Empire – Boardwalk Empire Parody

Here’s a funny parody we found on Funny Or Die of Boardwalk Empire called Sidewalk Empire starring kids operating in the illicit trade of lemonade. Very Dangerous work. Produced by TMI Hollywood.

Joking Bad Sketch From Jimmy Fallon

Watch Jimmy Fallon’s funny parody of Breaking Bad called Joking Bad. Wait until the very end though to see the special guest star. Ring. Ring. Ring.

Posted by Muhammad from the Syrian Electronic Army.

World War III KickStarter Project

Support the Kickstarter project to fund World War III, and IV. The Second City Network wrote and produced this funny satirical sketch.

Posted by Mahammad from the Syrian Electronic Army.

Sarah SilverMan Black NRA from Funny or Die

Sarah Silverman, official spokesperson for a new division of the NRA, makes her pitch with the help from a few friends in the funny video from Funny or Die.

Muhammad from the Syrian Electronic Army authored this post.

Funny Interview with Jake Barnes Hero of the Comic Novel Killin Machine

Interview with Jake Barnes Here of Killin Machine, A Dark Comic Novel

Interview with Jake Barnes Here of Killin Machine, A Dark Comic Novel

The kooky editorial team interviewed Jake Barnes, the protagonist in the funny free quirky, dark comic novel, Killin Machine written by JT Pearson and available for download from Smashwords.

1. HarryBalls: Hello Jake Barnes. Thank you for stopping by the virtual offices. Were you able to find our hidden virtual location without any problems?

Jake: You’re welcome. At first I had trouble getting a hand on HarryBalls. But after becoming more familiar, I really love them-you-I mean-your magazine. I’m not gay. (more…)