Interview with the Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble

Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble Puzzle Game Screenshot

Recently we were lucky enough the interview the female cast (Charlotte, Eleanor, Clara, Mildred, Emma, Louise, Alma, and Viola) of the downloadable puzzle game from Mousechief called Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble, the game were good girls get better by being bad. You can download Dangerous High School Girls for the Mac and PC for $20.00. (more…)

Kei – Virtual Villagers New Believers Interview


We recently had the chance interview Kei (pictured above), one of the characters in the downloadable game from Last Day at Work called Virtual Villagers New Believers out now for the PC and Mac Platforms at $19.95. This simulation game takes place on a mysterious land called Isola and the game player must direct characters like Kei to work with the local island population otherwise known as the heathens. (more…)

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