World War III KickStarter Project

Support the Kickstarter project to fund World War III, and IV. The Second City Network wrote and produced this funny satirical sketch.

Posted by Mahammad from the Syrian Electronic Army.

Jon Stewart Facial Expression of the Day

Jon Stewart-Facial-Expression-of-the-day

Jon Stewart-Facial-Expression-of-the-day

Here’s our Jon Stewart Facial Expression of the day from his bit about Charlie Rose’s interview with Syria’s President Assad from this clip. Apologies to anyone watching this on a tablet or mobile device because Comedy Central uses the flash media player which doesn’t work on mobile devices. Not sure when they are going to get their shit together.

Sarah SilverMan Black NRA from Funny or Die

Sarah Silverman, official spokesperson for a new division of the NRA, makes her pitch with the help from a few friends in the funny video from Funny or Die.

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Jack Black’s Ghost Ghirls Debuts on Yahoo Screen

Jack Black's Ghost Ghirls Debuts on Yahoo

Jack Black's Ghost Ghirls Debuts on Yahoo

Ghost Ghirls, a funny ghost hunter parody show produced by Jack Black, debuted on Yahoo Screen this week. Ghost Ghirls stars Maria Blasucci and Amanda Lund as the Ghost Girls who help solve mysteries involving apparitions. Guest stars include Jake Johnson, Jason Ritter, Lorenzo Lamas, and Colin Hanks. This show has definite potential. You can watch Ghost Ghirls on your iPad or Android tablet without an app.

Muhammad from the Syrian Electronic Army authored this post.

Pre-Order Redshirts Funny Simulation Game

Do you know what a “Redshirt” is? You know the guys who always wind up dying on the away missions in Star Trek? Those unfortunate bastards are the Redshirts, the lower ranked personnel who sacrifice themselves so the ships officers can live on to appear in more episodes.

Pre-Order Redshirts Game $19.95

We have come across two pieces of culture using the name Redshirts. John Scalzi, a Hollywood California based author wrote Redshirts: A Novel with Three Codas about low level ensigns who begin investigate why their similarly dressed colleagues die while the ship’s officers always survive missions. Its a funny premise and great book.

Equally funny but different is the new pc video game shockingly called Redshirts, created by The Tiniest Shark Game Studio and published by Positech Games. Some simulation strategy video game fans may know of Positech from their previous titles like Gratuitous Space Battles, Gratuitous Tank Battles, Democracy 2, and Kudos 2. Folks can pre-order Redshirts for their PC now priced at $19.95.

The Redshirts video game takes place on a space station called Megaladon 9 where personnel schmooze their way to the top positions using the vessels Facebook equivalent called Spacebook. You can friend folks, like their posts, schedule work related as well as socials events with all activities designed to increase your Charisma rank which is the only rank that matters. You may have to unfriend people or some how make them hate you to gain favor with others. Each Spacebook driven social media activity will affect your charisma rank differently. We will let you figure out that on your own but if you are as socially awkward as our team you are screwed.

The humor comes from the messages posted on different screens that sometimes scroll by too quickly to digest. Redshirts the game has fantastic entertainment potential. We would like to see the developers turn Redshirts into a episode web series.

Pre-Order Redshirts Game $19.95

Teachers – Funny Web Series

We came across this very funny web series about Teachers created by Matt Miller and the Katydids, a Chicago based sketch comedy troupe. Teachers highlights the sometimes inappropriate and wild conversations teachers have with their colleagues, students and the parents. Its hilarious and very funny.

Outlands 8 Bit Cartoon Episode 3

In the third episode of Outlands, an 8 Bit cartoon created by Adam de la Pena, the crew of Titanic II, find themselves rescued on a planet by the handsomest man in universe named after a real actor. Check it out.

Breaking Bad New Villain According to Conan

Check out Conan’s commentary on Breaking Bad’s new villain.

Outlands Episode 2 Space Sickness

Felicia Day, creator of The Guild and Geek & Sundry, guest stars in the second episode of Outlands called Space Sickness. Adam da la Pena created Outlands which centers around a team of rookie space warriors in complete control of an exploratory space vessel/killing machine. Geek & Sundry are the producers of Outlands.

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