Evangeline Lilly Dominates Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter




Evangeline Lilly, Lost TV show alum, Canadian, children’s book author and one of the stars in The Hobbit movie franchise stopped by the Conan show this week. Ms. Lilly, who plays one of the hottest elves in movie history, leads Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter around Conan’s studio by their ears.


Conan’s Hillary Clinton’s Health Sketch – Funny Video

Team Coco aka Conan O’Brien’s show altered Diane Sawyer’s interview with Hillary Clinton about her health situation. Its a very funny video which are rare when Hillary Clinton’s the subject. If Ms. Clinton becomes President of the USA I suspect a few female comedians will become famous for parodying her.

Breaking Bad New Villain According to Conan

Check out Conan’s commentary on Breaking Bad’s new villain.

Conan Wins The Late Night Tablet War

So who wins the Late Night Tablet Wars? Jon Stewart and the Daily Show? No. Jay Leno in the last year of his deal with NBC? No. The nutty HarryBalls.com editorial team declares Conan the winner of the Late Night Tablet Wars. (more…)