Unlimited Data – Funny Kickstarter Crowdfunding Parody From AwesomenessTV

Kick Starter Parody Unlimited Data

Kickstarter Parody Unlimited Data

What happens two young adults named Kimmy and Timmy parent’s cut them off from the family’s mobile data plan? Kimmy and Timmy launch a Kickstarter fundraising campaign off course. AwesomenessTV created this funny crowdfunding parody video.

Crowdfunding Campaign for MelonDash – Casual Racing Game

Hey folks. Support an indie game developer. Meet Alex Solo, a game developer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin who just launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for MelonDash, a casual watermelon racing game under development for iOS, Android, and Flash tentatively priced at $0.99. You can play a working demo of MelonDash in your browser with the Unity Plugin using this link: (more…)

Developer Diary Entry #5: Why We Kickstarted

Guest Post Written by Katie Hallahan, from Phoenix Online Studios

Kickstarter and adventure games have gotten a lot of attention lately thanks to the campaign being run by Tim Schafer and Double Fine Adventures—in less than 24 hours, their promise of an old school adventure game raised over $1 million, breaking records for number of backers, most money raised (in 24 hours, and in total), and as of this writing, it’s reached $2,250,660 from 65,456 backers and still has 15 days to go. (more…)