I love the Smell of Burnt Zombies in the Morning!

Guns Gore and Cannoli Video Game by Crazy Monkey Studios

Guns Gore & Cannoli Video Game by Crazy Monkey Studios

says Frank Cannoli, the gangster hero of “Guns, Gore & Cannoli”, an action packed side scrolling video game coming to the PC and Mac via Steam April 30th. The release date for Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U will be announced in the near future. Crazy Monkey Studios created “Guns Gore & Cannolis”. (more…)

Five New Apps: Fruit Slinger, Check Engine, SnapClap, ClipStro, Folds

Folds Puzzle Game

Folds Puzzle Game


We published this list of new apps available for download and purchase which include an action/arcade game, a car engine utility app, a remote photo taking (think the clapper), an action making video app and a puzzle game. (more…)

Almost Pinball – Fantastic iOS Pinball Game

Almost Pinball from Oakland, CA based Red Adept is almost perfect played on the iPhone and iPad. Why do they call it Almost Pinball? They combined elements of pinball – the flippers, a ball, bumpers and obstacles with a physics/puzzle mechanic to make a really great pinball game.

Yes there’s a ball but the ball’s movement resembles a hard rubber ball like a lacrosse ball rather than a steel pinball. Its much harder to control the ball with the flippers as you would with a steel ball in a traditional pinball game. The Red Adept team lined in the inside walls of each play area with a soft bumper which can accelerate the ball’s velocity.

The play area resembles a physics action puzzler rather traditional pinball game with lights whistles and bells. It doesn’t matter – the game requires smart thinking in addition to the quick reflexes one needs to get a high score. Yes there’s multi-flippers and multi balls and a lot of fun. Almost Pinball blows away Zen Pinball. Almost Pinball costs $0.99

Almost Pinball iOS Link $0.99

PuppyGames Ultrabundle 24 Hour Sale

PuppyGames, a UK based indie game studio announced an Ultrabundle where they put all four of their pc games on a 75% sale at Steam for the price. The games include Droid Assault, Revenge of the Titans, Revenge of the Titans Sandbox Mode (see the trailer above), Revenge of the Titans Soundtrack, Titan Attacks, Ultratron. PuppyGames uses a retro visual style to create some fun action strategy games for the PC.

We interviewed one of the Alien Generals in from Revenge of the Titans two years ago. He was a tough interview.

Leap Motion Apps – Sortee and Midnight

The Leap Motion apps are coming from Flow Motion, one of many independent developers creating apps for Leap Motion. What is Leap Motion? its a small rectangular shaped hardware device that enables you to control action on your PC and Mac by waving your hand over the Leap Motion device. The video above shows the device in action with a fun arcade puzzle game called Sortee. (more…)

Kick Ass 2 Extended Movie Trailer

Here’s an extended trailer for Kick Ass 2 coming out August 16th starring Jim Carrey, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Chloe Moretz and Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

Naughty Boy Sling and Shoot Game Out On iOS and Android

Have you ever stayed home from school? Have your family members ever chased you around the house? Did you ever shoot your family members with your sling shot? (more…)

Junction Action Arcade Game Looking for Beta Testers

Argentine based PlayJaa wants you to sign up for test the beta version of their upcoming very interesting looking action arcade game called Junction Action Arcade on iOS and Android. The game makers describe Junction Action Arcade as “an addictive game about pressing some solids and making intersections.” The game play in the video caught out eye so we decided to highlight on Harry Balls.com. (more…)

A Virus Named Tom Coming to Mac and Linux

Misfits Attic announced plans to port their funny indie action puzzle pc game called A Virus Named Tom to the Mac and Linus platforms presumably after today but before December 2013. A Virus Named Tom tells the story of….three guesses… a virus named Tom created by an angry eccentric recently relieved of his employment scientist to destroy the city of tomorrow today. You must infect objects like Robot dogs and teleporters as you wreak as much electronic havoc as possible.

You can buy the PC version for $9.99 here. iOS and Android versions may come sometime in 2014.

Action Adventure Game Capsized+ Comes To The iPad

One of the leading indie game companies Indiepub released Capsized+, an enhanced version of the original sci-fi action adventure Capsized, an indie game industry darling, on the iPad for $2.99. IndiePub plans to release Capsized+ on Android, Mac and PS3 later this year. Indie gamers praised the original Capsized when it first debuted and this “plus” version of Capsized will delight them. You can buy in game commendations at different price points. (more…)

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