Gratuitous Tank Battles Game Demo Download

Positech Games released the Gratuitous Tank Battles downloadable demo although you can purchase the full version of GTB now for $22.95 through their site, Steam, Gamers Gate and Impulse Driven. (more…)

IBubble Trouble iOS Game Download

Pentaloop released iBubble Trouble, a bubble themed arcade game for the iOS platform priced at $0.99. IBubble Trouble looks simple to play after watching the video but it’s kind of hard. Maybe we need to sharpen our eye hand coordination but the bubble keeps crushing us. (more…)

Tower Siege Free IOS Game Download

Synaptic Wave, a Ukrainian game development company decided to offer Tower Siege for free for a limited amount of time. Synaptic Wave pointed us to the game play video trailer above for their extremely similar game called Tesla Wars because they don’t have one for Tower Siege. We have played both Tower Siege and Tesla Wars each to the 10th level and they are both identical so far, except Tower Siege is free for the time being.

Tower Siege iOS Game Download

Both games are a twist on the tower defense genre without the strategy but require much more eye hand coordination. You must direct Tesla type electrical energy strikes towards black stick figures attacking both your power tower and the fence. You earn points for how many you kill and taking no mercy on the injured stick figures crawling away from your attacks.

Orcs Must Die 2 Coming This Summer

Coming this summer to a PC and the XBox 360 near you. Avengers? Battleship? Men in Black 3? Maybe if you find a movie bootlegger or find a torrent site still operating. No. This summer more Orcs will die (even though we personally think Orcs bring a lot to table) in Orcs Must Die 2, the next episode of the action strategy franchise from Robot Entertainment. In Orcs Must Die 2, you must cause more Orcs and other so called monsters to permanently stop breathing, this time with a female companion called “The Sorceress”. (more…)

Nuclear Hipster iOS Game Download

California based Doriguzzi Studios, released Nuclear Hipster, where you have to save your bandmates by locating all the nuclear bombs before the timer goes off. They call the game an instant cult classic featuring anarchist aliens, robot dinosaurs, and bear-sharks. We call Nuclear Hipster a game that lacks direction, fun and any sort of engaging game play not worth the $1.99 price. They should give it away for free and attempt to make money through ads. (more…)

Canyon Dash iOS Game Download

Gavin Clifton, a one man indie game developer, released Canyon Dash on the ios platform for $0.99. In Canyon Dash, you guide a railroad cart down train tracks by tilting your ios device. You collect gold and gems for bonus points and dynamite to blow up giant boulders blocking the track. We like the tilting element but would like an option to use touch to guide the rail cart. The options to choose come very fast and tilting the screen makes it harder to see them. Maybe the game developer designed the game that way purposely. You will get your money’s worth with Canyon Dash.

Canyon Dash iOS Game Download $0.99

Bitter Sam iOS Game Download Coming March 15th

Bitter Sam iOS Game Download

How Bitter is Sam? Why is Sam Bitter? Apparently, Sam’s life has never been easy. Who’s life has been easy, Sam? When you were in your mother’s womb did someone promise you an easy life?

He’s been overlooked by his family, did shitty in school and lost out on loveā€¦ and now scientist kidnapped and tossed him into a bottomless pit to search for crystals which hold a secret power. You will find out more when independent game developer Moon Active releases their first game called Bitter Sam on the iPhone and IPod Touch on March 15, 2012 priced at $0.99. Moon Active describes Bitter Sam as a “tilt based action puzzler”. (more…)

A Virus Named Tom Game Download

Consumers can now pre-order Misfits Attic’s debut game called A Virus Named Tom, described as an action puzzle game for the PC. The pre-order price is $5.00. In A Virus Named Tom, a scientist named Dr X creates “A virus Named Tom” to get back at the people who fired him. The virus named Tom must spread his infection to robot dogs and teleporters while avoiding drones in a City called Tomorrow. (more…)

Blast Aliens Free iOS Action Game Download

Neil Baller, co-founder of Owzom introduced us to their free to play action alien shooter game called Blast Aliens. When we first opened the game we saw the reticle on our IPhone screen we thought ahh a boring first person shooter. However our initial impression was very wrong. Owzom combined a western and sci fi themed game which takes place in the Outworld colonies In Blast Aliens you have to duel with alien species. You aim the reticle by tilting your device until its on the target. Its not easy although we get lost in the shower. It’s an interesting approach to a shooter game. (more…)

Pop Corny iOS Arcade Action Game Download

Pop Corny iOS Arcade Game Download

Independent game developer Charilaos Kalogirou also known as “nlogn games” released Pop Corny, an arcade action game for iPhone, IPad and IPod Touch consumers can download for free. You must feed Corny by aiming a heated laser at unpopped corn kernels so he can snatch them with his tongue before time runs out. The kernels swirl around Corny so you must anticipate each kernel’s path to successfully shoot them with the heat laser. It’s a little more difficult than Fruit Ninja. Consumers can play Pop Corny on the IPhone, IPad and IPod Touch requiring iOS version 4.0 or later. (more…)

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